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Home > Catalog > |Themes & Provenance| > |Geography| > |France| > ME88300
France, John II the Good, 26 April 1319 - 8 April 1364
When John II the Good (French: Jean le Bon) came to power, France faced many disasters: the Black Death killed nearly half its population, there were popular revolts, unemployed mercenaries plundered the country, and losses to the English, including the Battle of Poitiers of 1356, in which John was captured. While John was a prisoner in London, his son Charles had to suppress several rebellions. To liberate his father, in 1360 Charles concluded the Treaty of Brťtigny, by which France surrendered territory and promised to pay an enormous ransom. In an exchange of hostages, including his son Louis, John was released from captivity to raise funds for his ransom. Upon his return in France, he created the franc to stabilize the currency. John tried to get rid of the mercenaries by sending them on a crusade, but Pope Innocent VI died shortly before their planned meeting in Avignon. After his son Louis escaped from captivity, John shocked and dismayed his people by announcing that for "good faith and honor" he would voluntarily return to captivity in England. John was greeted in London in 1364 with parades and feasts, however, a few months after his arrival he fell ill with an unknown malady and died. His body was returned to France, where he was interred in the royal chambers at Saint Denis Basilica. He was succeeded by his son Charles V.
ME88300. Bronze jeton, Mitchiner Jetons II 406 var., VF, brown patina, weight 4.034g, maximum diameter 26.7mm, die axis 90o, 1337 - 1364; obverse A: GRACIA AVE mARI (Hail Mary [full of] Grace), crowned king standing facing, raising sword in right hand, resting his left hand on shield of France, star right, all beneath an ornate Gothic canopy, band ornamented with clover below; reverse +PA RA mOU RS (lover), triple stranded cross fleuretty, each point topped with lis and flanked by a six pedal flower; lis in each quarter; ex CNG auction 238 (11 Aug 2010), lot 232; ex Leonard O. Greenfield Collection; very rare; SOLD


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