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Faience Antiquities

Egyptian faience is a non-clay based porous crystalline ceramic composed of crushed quartz or sand, with small amounts of calcite lime and a mixture of alkalis. Faience was cast in molds to form objects and small vessels. A glassy surface luster was created by surface vitrification of a soda lime silica glaze. The most common color, a bright blue-green was made by adding a copper pigment.

Egyptian, Beaded Horus Falcon Funerary Ornament, Ptolemaic Period, 304 - 30 B.C.

|Malloy| |Egyptian|, |Egyptian,| |Beaded| |Horus| |Falcon| |Funerary| |Ornament,| |Ptolemaic| |Period,| |304| |-| |30| |B.C.|
From the collection of Alex G. Malloy, former dealer in antiquities for 40 years.

This beaded Horus Falcon funerary ornament was likely placed on the chest of a mummy sheathed in strands of blue faience beads.
AZ33397. Colorful beaded funerary ornament; cf. Alex G. Malloy, Ancient Art and Antiquities, Summer 1977, 17, Superb, 6 1/2" Horus Falcon with crowned head and spread wings, brightly colored turquoise blue, maroon, white, yellow, and black beads faience beads; intact with original strings; SOLD

Egyptian Blue Faience Votive Cup with Cartouche of Amenhotep III, c. 1391 - 1350 B.C.

|Egyptian| |Antiquities|, |Egyptian| |Blue| |Faience| |Votive| |Cup| |with| |Cartouche| |of| |Amenhotep| |III,| |c.| |1391| |-| |1350| |B.C.|
Amenhotep III, meaning Amun is Satisfied, was the ninth pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty. According to different authors, he ruled Egypt from June 1391 B.C. to December 1353 B.C., or June 1388 BC to December 1351 or 1350 B.C.
AB30968. height 5.7 cm (2 1/8"), turquoise-glazed faience cylindrical votive cup inscribed with the Cartouche of Amenhotep III, Choice, SOLD

Egypt, Faience Bead Necklace, 716 - 30 B.C.

|Greek| |Antiquities|, |Egypt,| |Faience| |Bead| |Necklace,| |716| |-| |30| |B.C.|
Egypt, bead necklace, 716 - 30 B.C., c. 22 inches, made from multi-colored faience beads, a single brown and white core-glass bead at the bottom.
AA22482. Egypt, bead necklace, 716 - 30 B.C.; the core-glass bead with a small chip; SOLD


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