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Map - Map of Ancient North Africa801 views
6th Century Medeba Mosaic Map (Click on image to enlarge)120 viewsThis map was originally part of the floor of a Byzantine church, built during the reign of emperor Justinian, AD 527-565. It is the oldest map of the Holy Land that is still extant. The original size of the map was approximately 51 ft x 19.5 ft (15.5 m x 6 m), although no borders are visible. The map is made of various colors. It has 150 Greek inscriptions in various sizes, and covers the area from Tyre in the north to the Egyptian Delta in the south.

The modern Arab village of Medeba (Madaba) is built on the ruins of biblical Medeba and it was during the construction of the modern Church of St. George that the ďMadaba MapĒ was found.
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Ancient North Africa825 views1 comments
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