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Other Hellenistic Kingdoms
Kings of Galatia, Amyntas, 37 - 25 B.C.

|Other| |Kingdoms|, |Kings| |of| |Galatia,| |Amyntas,| |37| |-| |25| |B.C.||AE| |19|
GB37447. Bronze AE 19, RPC I 3506, VF, green patina, weight 7.594 g, maximum diameter 19.2 mm, die axis 0o, obverse draped bust of Artemis right, bow and quiver to left, E - C across fields (numerals 5 and 6); reverse B AMYNTOY, stag standing right; rare; SOLD

Kingdom of Commagene, Antiochus IV Epiphanes, 38 - 72 A.D.

|Other| |Kingdoms|, |Kingdom| |of| |Commagene,| |Antiochus| |IV| |Epiphanes,| |38| |-| |72| |A.D.||AE| |27|
Commagene was located in modern south-central Turkey, with its capital at Samosata (the site is now flooded by the Atatürk Dam). Antiochus IV was an ally of Rome against Parthia and the last royal descendant of Seleucus. He ruled with his half-sister and queen Iotape. He was deprived of his kingdom after accusations that he was conspiring against Rome. He retired to Rome where he was treated with great respect for the remainder of his life.
RP85940. Bronze AE 27, straight edge oval flan; RPC I 3857; Nercessian AC 200; BMC Galatia p. 106, 8; Lindgren-Kovacs 1882, VF, black patina with red earthen highlighting, light marks, oval flan typical of the type, some legend unstruck, slight porosity, straight edges, weight 14.000 g, maximum diameter 26.6 mm, die axis 0o, Samosata (site now flooded by the Atatürk Dam) mint, 38 - 72 A.D.; obverse BAΣIΛEYΣ MEΓAΣ ANTIOXOΣ, beardless diademed bust right; reverse KOMMA−ΓHNΩN, scorpion and inscription all within laurel wreath (variety without linear boarders enclosing wreath); SOLD


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