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Enemies of Rome
Brettian League, Bruttium, Italy, c. 216 - 214 B.C., Time of Hannibal

|Italy|, |Brettian| |League,| |Bruttium,| |Italy,| |c.| |216| |-| |214| |B.C.,| |Time| |of| |Hannibal||triobol|NEW
All coinage of the Brettii was issued during the Second Punic War when they allied themselves with Hannibal.
GI93433. Bronze triobol, HN Italy 1943, HGC I 1370 (R1), SNG Cop 1678, SNG ANS 4, F, a little rough, corrosion, earthen deposits, weight 5.305 g, maximum diameter 19.7 mm, die axis 315o, Brettii mint, c. 216 - 214 B.C.; obverse diademed head of Nike left, hair tied in a bun at the back, NIKA upward lower left, control symbol below; reverse Zeus standing right, nude, hurling thunderbolt with right hand, long scepter in extended left hand, BPETTIΩN upward on left; from the Errett Bishop Collection; rare; $80.00 (65.60)

Macedonian Kingdom, Philip V or Perseus, 187 - 168 B.C.

|Macedonian| |Kingdom|, |Macedonian| |Kingdom,| |Philip| |V| |or| |Perseus,| |187| |-| |168| |B.C.||AE| |23|
Philip V was king of Macedonia, 221 - 179 B.C. Philip's reign was principally marked by an unsuccessful struggle with the emerging power of the Roman Republic. He would lead Macedonia against Rome in the First and Second Macedonian Wars, losing the latter but allying with Rome in the Roman-Seleucid War towards the end of his reign. Perseus was the last king of the Antigonid dynasty who ruled in Macedonia, 179 - 168 B.C. After Perseus lost the Battle of Pydna on 22 June 168 B.C., Macedonia came under Roman rule.
GB97605. Copper AE 23, SNG Cop 1298, AMNG III 14, SNG Alpha Bank -, SNG Munchen -, F, dark blue-green patina, crackled rough surface, light earthen deposits, small edge splits, weight 8.393 g, maximum diameter 23.1 mm, die axis 0o, Amphipolis mint, 187 - 168 B.C.; obverse head of river-god, Strymon, right, with short horns and crown of reeds; reverse ornamented trident head, MAKE/∆ONΩN in two flanking upward lines, monograms flanking shaft socket; from the Michael Arslan Collection; scarce; $70.00 (57.40)

The First Jewish Revolt, 66 - 70 A.D.

|First| |Jewish| |Revolt|, |The| |First| |Jewish| |Revolt,| |66| |-| |70| |A.D.||shekel|
On 9 June 68, the Roman Emperor Nero committed suicide four miles outside Rome. He was deserted by the Praetorian Guard and then stabbed himself in the throat.
SH48298. Silver shekel, Meshorer TJC 202a, VF, toned, weight 13.250 g, maximum diameter 23.1 mm, die axis 0o, Jerusalem mint, year 3, 68 - 69 A.D.; obverse "Shekel of Israel" in Hebrew, Omer cup with pearled rim, date above (year 3); reverse stem with three pomegranates, "Jerusalem the Holy" in Hebrew around; SOLD


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