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Ba'al simply means 'Lord' in Phoenician and was used to describe many local gods. At first the name Ba'al was used by the Jews for their God, but as the struggle between religions developed, the name Ba'al was given up in Judaism. Over time Ba'al became synonymous with Beelzebub.

Macedonian Kingdom, Mazaios, Governor, 331 - 328 B.C., Babylon, Babylonia

|Persia| |&| |Mesopotamia|, |Macedonian| |Kingdom,| |Mazaios,| |Governor,| |331| |-| |328| |B.C.,| |Babylon,| |Babylonia||double| |shekel|
After the Persian satrap Mazaios surrendered Babylon to Alexander without a fight, Alexander retained him as governor.
SH43400. Silver double shekel, SNG Cop 260, SNG Berry 1456, BMC Arabia etc. p. 180, 1 var. (I on exergual line); Babelon Trait 751 var. (wreath in ex); SGCV II 6140, Choice gVF, weight 17.130 g, maximum diameter 26.7 mm, die axis 45o, obverse BLTRZ (Baaltarz) in Aramaic behind, Baaltarz seated left on seat without back, himation over left shoulder and waist downward, lotus tipped scepter in right, left rests on his hip; reverse MZDI (Mazaios) in Aramaic above, lion walking left; scarce type; SOLD

Persian Empire, Tiribazos, Satrap of Cilicia, 388 - 380 B.C., Issos, Cilicia

|Cilicia|, |Persian| |Empire,| |Tiribazos,| |Satrap| |of| |Cilicia,| |388| |-| |380| |B.C.,| |Issos,| |Cilicia||stater|
Issus or Issos was on the strategic coastal plain straddling the small Pinarus river (a fast melt-water stream several meters wide) below the navigationally difficult inland mountains towering above to the east in the Turkish Province of Hatay, near the border with Syria. Excavations on the mound occurred between 1992 and 2012 by Bilkent University. It is most notable for being the place of no fewer than three decisive ancient or medieval battles each called in their own era the Battle of Issus:

- The Battle of Issus (333 B.C.); Alexander the Great of Macedonia defeated Darius III of Persia. This battle is occasionally called the First Battle of Issus, but is more generally known simply as the Battle of Issus, owing to the importance of Alexander's victory over the First Persian Empire and its impact on subsequent history of the region, including all the successor polities.

- Battle of Issus (194), or Second Battle of Issus, between the forces of Emperor Septimius Severus and his rival, Pescennius Niger.

- Battle of Issus (622), or Third Battle of Issus, between the Byzantine Empire and the Sassanid Persian Empire.
GS33197. Silver stater, SNGvA 5601 var. (ethnic spelling), gVF, weight 10.451 g, maximum diameter 22.2 mm, die axis 0o, Cilicia, Issos (near Drtyol, Turkey) mint, 386 - 380 B.C.; obverse Ahura-Mazda, head right, body terminated by solar disk, holding wreath and lotus blossom; reverse Baal standing half-left, eagle in right, long scepter in left hand, IΣΣΕΩN (sic) left, Aramaic TRIBZW right; ex Knker auction 143, lot 233 (misattributed as SNG France 418, price realized 800 Euro), areas of porosity, well centered and struck on a particularly full flan for the type; very rare; SOLD


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