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AR Medallion274 views40 mm;
fanciful style of the portrait.
Ilya Prokopov
Constans, AE 3, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Galley1482 viewsA dangerous fake reported on CFDL by Warren Esty. He noted that the mint is Rome, but the style and interpretation of details is not that of Rome (some details would be wrong for any mint). The bust type and particularly the cuirass are not correct. The rudder is wrong and may not be like any Roman rudder. The Victory has details not found on genuine coins. The nose, lettering, oars and phoenix are wrong.

Admin note: Since this coin was posted other very similar examples have been authenticated by reputable dealers and experts. It seems likely this coin is genuine, however, it will remain here until additional information clarifies authenticity.
Dodgy Geta on UK eBay?828 viewsAn aureus of Geta currently at auction on UK eBay. Seller doesn't claim to know whether it's genuine or not. But this reverse is very similar to a Caracalla fake aureus reported here last year, especially the very simplistically presented water feature above IN CARTH.1 comments
Fishy Thasos stater reverse1178 viewsOf the four coin reverses pictured here, the one in upper left is obviously different and is in fact from a forgery. Note the difference in the style of incused areas.

cogito: Three of these things are the same thing (i.e., authentic)...one these things is not the same (i.e., likely fake). Can you spot the "one thing"?
Gordianus D 12.jpg
Gordian III1370 views2 commentsTanit
Gordian III, Medallion647 viewsGordian III AD 238-244 BRONZE MEDALLION 40mm
Obv:- IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FELIX AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev:- LIBERALITAS AVGVSTI III Gordian seated left on platform surrounded by soldiers and citizens

Comments from Curtis Clay when posted on the boards.

"My photofile contains only one specimen with this combination of bust type and reverse type, a genuine specimen that was in Numismatica Ars Classica 5, 1992, lot 552: see scan below, made from my photocopy of the catalogue photograph.

The fake dies are exactly like these genuine dies in every detail, but simpler, cruder, more schematic than the original.

The only alteration of the types that I note is the addition of a seventh figure to the line of guards standing before the platform on the reverse: only six guards on the original die, but seven on the false die.

It is clear that the false dies are directly dependent on these genuine dies, probably as represented on this exact, very well preserved NAC specimen, which as I said is the only one I know of. It is unclear to me what process the forger used to closely copy the original details of the types, yet simultaneously simplify them and produce a sort of caricature of the original medallion."

Placed as an example of the deviation in style of a replica when compared with an original specimen.
Monneron Constantius II Fel Temp Reparatio1431 viewsRather odd style even for Arles. 1 commentswolfgang336
Style Errors on a Fake Nero Aureus1320 viewsNero coins are well known for being of the finest style and an aureus die is probably the most important one. This fake can be detected by its poor style.

Obverse: Bust of Nero is pushed forward too much. It should be more linear in a vertical position. Also it should have a slightly more rounded appearance.

Reverse: Headdress of Jupiter is wrong. Jupiter is too compact. The lettering on the left should be more spaced out to fill the area more. On real specimens the R almost reaches the head of Jupiter. Border should have distinct beads.
2 commentsJoe Sermarini
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