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Map - The Battle of Cynoscephalae in Thessaly, 2nd Macedonian War, 197 B.C. - Phase I733 views
550 B.C. Greek and Phoenician Colonies, Lydian Kingdom, Thracians and Illyrians406 views
Theban Hegemony 371 BC - 362 BC795 views
Map - 606-500 BC Ancient Empires of the East1587 views
Map - 450 BC The Athenian Empire at its Height1243 views
Map - 350 - 323 BC Empires of Persia and Alexandria1382 views
Map - Expansion of Macedonia under Philip II1271 views
Map - 500-479 BC Greece at the Time of the War with Persia1269 views
Map - 5th Century BC - Economic Map of the Mediterranean World981 views4 comments
Map - 413 BC The Aegean world on the eve of the Peloponnesian War874 views3 comments
Map - 413 BC Peloponnesian War (Tags in French)1060 views
Map - 350 BC Persian Empire959 views3 comments
Map - 500 B.C. Persian Empire864 views
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