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Cuneiform Tablets and Other Ancient Writing
Roman, Syria Palestina, Bronze Scroll Case Amulet, 3rd - 5th Century A.D.

|Ancient| |Writing|, |Roman,| |Syria| |Palestina,| |Bronze| |Scroll| |Case| |Amulet,| |3rd| |-| |5th| |Century| |A.D.|
This amulet was used to hold a small rolled-up thin sheet, probably of vellum (since it is gone without a trace), but possibly of bronze, lead, or silver, inscribed with minuscule writing, likely text from the bible, a priestly blessing, or a magical spell for the protection of the wearer. New technology has allowed some of these tiny scrolls to be read, expanding our understanding of the history of both Judaism and Christianity. See our Scroll Amulet NumisWiki page for links to fascinating reads online!
AS111474. Roman, Syria Palestina, scroll amulet with horizontal body used to contain scroll(s) and two loops for suspension, near Choice, partially flattened, missing fragments, mineral and earthen deposits, no scroll present, 39.0mm long, 3rd - 5th Century A.D.; ex Amphora Coins (David Hendin) with his 2017 photo authenticity receipt, ex Herbert Sterns Collection (purchased in Israel mid 1990s); $400.00 SALE PRICE $360.00

Writings of Mankind, Alex G. Malloy Auction XVII, Spring 1990

|Antiquities| |Books|, |Writings| |of| |Mankind,| |Alex| |G.| |Malloy| |Auction| |XVII,| |Spring| |1990|
Includes objects in the following categories: Cuneiform, Hieroglyphic, Hieratic, Aramaic, Edessan Syriac, Greek, Islamic (Arabic), Dravadian, Classical Latin, Late Latin, English, American Colonial, French, German, and Russian.
BL00008. Writings of Mankind 1990, Alex G. Malloy Auction XVII, spring 1990, 123 lots, 68 pages, 40 plates; $2.00 SALE PRICE $1.60

Neo-Sumerian Empire (UR III), Mesopotamia, Cuneiform Clay Tablet, 2113 - 2006 B.C.

|Ancient| |Writing|, |Neo-Sumerian| |Empire| |(UR| |III),| |Mesopotamia,| |Cuneiform| |Clay| |Tablet,| |2113| |-| |2006| |B.C.|
Used to account for the transfer of beer, bread, fish, oil, spice and onions for the Shueshtar, the "official."
AS48861. cuneiform tablet; 25 mm X 23 mm, Superb, obverse 1 (sila) of "dida"-beer, 2 sila of fine beer, 10 (sila) of bread, 2 shekels of oil, 2 shekels of spice, 3 fish, 3 braids of onions for Shuestar, the "official"; reverse on the fourteenth day of the second month; from Alex G. Malloy Sale 11/99, #1038; SOLD

Babylonian, Cuneiform Clay Tablet Within its Envelope, c. 1900 - 1700 B.C.

|Ancient| |Writing|, |Babylonian,| |Cuneiform| |Clay| |Tablet| |Within| |its| |Envelope,| |c.| |1900| |-| |1700| |B.C.|
Most Babylonian letters relate to state business, usually the transfer of goods.
AA23949. Babylonian Cuneiform Clay Tablet Within its Envelope; height 7.2 cm (2 3/4"), width 4.7 cm (1 7/8"), Choice, small chip missing from envelope, a crack indicates the envelope was opened and resealed, c. 1900 - 1700 B.C.; SOLD



Diringer, D. The Alphabet: A Key to the History of Mankind. (New York, 1948).
Diringer, D. Writing. (New York, 1967).
Malloy, A. Writings of Mankind 1990. (South Salem, NY, 1990).

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