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Caligula / Nero Claudius Drusus denar0 viewsForger's invention, combining known types that were never struck together.
Obv. denarius of Caligula of 37-8 AD.
Rev. the obv. of a denarius of Nero Claudius Drusus struck by Claudius.

Shown on Facebook June 2023.

See also: https://www.forumancientcoins.com/fakes/displayimage.php?pid=560
Pekka KJun 03, 2023
Elymais3 viewsUncertain Early Arsacid Kings (sold as Kamnaskires V)

Van't Haaff type 10.3

Examples of cast fakes sold by eBay seller haji_786 (of Thailand)
KamnaskiresMay 29, 2023
Fake Danubian Rider Lead Votive Plaque 1 viewsFake Danubian Rider Lead Votive Plaque

H: 129mm
W: 89mm
D: 7mm

Weight: 392g
Joe SermariniMay 16, 2023
Athens Tetradrachm Old Style3 viewsANCIENT GREEK COIN ATTICA ATHENS OWL SILVER TETRADRACHM CA 450 BC 26mm 16.9gr

26.3mm, 16.9 gr
Joe SermariniMay 16, 2023

H: 55mm
W: 45mm
D: 18mm

Weight: 69g
Joe SermariniMay 16, 2023
8 viewsC. 470-440 BC

Obverse: Eagle standing left.

Reverse: Crab.

Ref: Randazzo 13

Weight: 16.82g

Size: 26mm

Comments: There seems to be only one obverse die with the claws of the eagle exactly like this one in Ulla Westermark, "The Coinage of Akragas and this is O10.
This is a problem, because the N is recut wrong in the transfer die and so different on the authentic coins!
The wrong recut N only found on the transfer die fakes :(
The surface are unusual and soapy indicating it could be a cast fake.
There are unusual artifacts on the obverse and reverse, and are not found on authentic coins so they must be either die flaws in the transfer dies or casting defects or lumps. The weight is slightly lower than is typically found. There are no remnant/evidence of casting sprues typically found on these coins.

paul1888Apr 29, 2023
Myrina, Aeolis. AR Tetradrachm3 viewsMyrina, Aeolis. AR Tetradrachm. MODERN FORGERY.
Copying an issue from ca 155–145 BC.

Obv: Laureate head of Apollo right, hair in three braids,

Rev: MYRINAIWN downwards to left of Apollo of Gryneium,
laureate and with long, draped loins, standing right,
holding patera and filleted branch, omphalos and amphora at
foot right, DYoI monogram in left field, all within laurel

Copying Sacks 24; Paris H2096; De Luynes 2532

IBSCC Bulletin on Counterfeits BOCS Vol 5 No.1/2 1980 Page 8 Fig 2


more of these fakes:
Neko BApr 28, 2023
Augustus, Caius, Lucius & Julia, AR Denarius, RIC 4042 viewsObv:- DIVI F AVGVSTVS, bare head right
Rev:- C MARIVS TRO III VIR, heads of Lucius, Julia and Caius right, wreath above.
RIC 404, RSC 1, BMC 106

Modern reproduction

Facebook April 2023
Pekka KApr 27, 2023
John III Vatatzes (1222-1254)1 viewsModern gold (plated?) and copper copies of the hyperpyron S.2073 of John III from the same dies.
Note that the reverse of the top coin is upright but should be inverted.

From a series of modern copies of the hyperpyron from a number of dies. (See also earlier file by commodus).

The bottom coins appear to be cast copies of the top coin.
glebeApr 21, 2023
Artabanos II10 viewsDrachm
Sellwood 63.6

Cast fake sold as a Vologases drachm by eBay seller haji_786 of Thailand.
KamnaskiresMar 24, 2023
Menander AE modern fantasy3 viewsObv: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΟΣ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ ΜΕΝΑΝΔΡΟΥ, diademed bust right.
note: legend setup as for round flan.
Rev: look a like Kharosti legend, maybe Athena standing left.

See: https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=88114

topic: https://www.forumancientcoins.com/board/index.php?topic=130997.msg783010#msg783010
Pekka KMar 20, 2023
Constantinus IX. Monomachos, 1042 - 1055, AR "Beischlag"2 viewsCopy of Histamenon SBCV 1831 made in silver, like https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=8626732
rev: + CWnSTAnT-noS bASILEVS Rm

See topic: https://www.forumancientcoins.com/board/index.php?topic=130998.msg783020#msg783020
Pekka KMar 20, 2023
Judaea, First Revolt , Year 1 Silver Shekel9 viewsobv: Omer cup. legend (trans.): SHEKEL OF ISRAEL. Dated above cup
rev: stem with pearled base & 3 pomegranates. legend (trans.): JERUSALEM THE HOLY

Modern dies, like: https://www.forumancientcoins.com/fakes/displayimage.php?pid=10581

Topic: https://www.forumancientcoins.com/board/index.php?topic=130846.msg782262#msg782262
Pekka KMar 19, 2023
Marcus Aurelius Denarius Struck With Modern Dies7 viewsSilver denarius, Die-engraver "Slavey Studio - Haskovo I" I. Prokopov 2003, no. 135, Struck fake, weight 2.600 g, maximum diameter 19.4 mm, die axis 225o, obverse AVRELIVS CAES ANTON AVG P II F, bare head right; reverse TR POT XI COS II, goddess standing left, patera in right hand, lyre in left hand
Joe SermariniMar 13, 2023
12 viewsIs this fake?1 commentsTraci BMar 12, 2023
7 viewsIs this fake?Traci BMar 12, 2023
Caracalla & Geta, Geta Damnatio Memoriae, Stratoniceia, Caria AE272 viewsBronze AE 36, cf. SNG von Aulock 2686, SNG Cop -, SNGvA -, Lindgren -, bust of Geta effaced, 26.60g, 36.5mm, Stratoniceia (Eskihisar, Mugla Province, Turkey) mint, 209 - 212 A.D.; obverse AVT K M AVP ANTΩNEINOC, 2nd half of legend (referring to Geta) removed, laureate bust of Caracalla right, bust of Geta on right intentionally erased, central oval countermark of head right, QEOY in another below; reverse EΠIΠΠY IOYΛIA ∆OMNO IEPOKΛEOY CTPATONIKEΩN, Hekate standing half left, holding patera over altar in right hand, torch in left hand, tiny bird at foot right; RR stamp on edge, Robert Ready electrotypeJoe SermariniMar 11, 2023
Mithradates II (Parthia)2 viewsDrachm
Sellwood type 26

Cast fake in the wrong metal, listed as ancient by eBay seller uddiyanaart4 (Thailand), March 2023.
KamnaskiresMar 05, 2023
Gordian III - CARIA, Aphrodisias. Æ 3 Assaria1 viewsObv:- Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right
Rev:- Centaur standing right, holding bow and arrow.
MacDonald, Coinage, Type 184 (O232/R426); Weber 6407; SNG München -; SNG von Aulock 2462; SNG Copenhagen -.

Sold as part of a job lot on eBay by seller Glbe02, February 2023
1 commentsHarry WFeb 27, 2023
Gordian III, fake RIC 84. Antoninianus8 views

IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, radiate, draped bust right.
IOVI STATORI, Jupiter standing front, looking right holding sceptre and thunderbolt.
Modern fake of RIC 84; Sear 8615; RSC 109.

Sold on an Eastern European auction site, January 2023. After receiving the coin, the purchaser was suspicious of the odd "feel" of the coin and had its metal content electronically examined at a local university. The metal comprised of nearly 70% zinc (normal is up to 25%) and was identical to a number of similar coins which the professor had already come across.
helveticaFeb 21, 2023
Antoninus Pius CONSECRATIO eagle denarius3 viewsModern Fakes

Divus Antoninus Pius Denarius.
DIVVS ANTONINVS, bare head right.
CONSECRATIO, Eagle standing right, head left.
modern fakes of RIC 429; RSC 154 and BMC 41, struck under Marcus Aurelius.

Two examples from identical dies, including the deliberate damage in the same places, offered on an Eastern European auction site, January 2023.
helveticaFeb 21, 2023
Artabanos I (Parthia)6 viewsDrachm
Sellwood type 22

Cast fakes sold as “Unresearched Ancient Parthian Drachm Coin” by eBay seller antiques-and-artefacts-uk.
1 commentsKamnaskiresFeb 03, 2023
Gotarzes II (Parthia)6 viewsTetradrachm
Sellwood type 65

Cast fakes sold as “Unresearched Ancient Parthian Drachm Coin” by eBay seller antiques-and-artefacts-uk.
KamnaskiresFeb 03, 2023
Hadrian fake denarius 2 viewsNathaniel EFeb 02, 2023
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