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Mithradates II (Parthia)1 viewsTetradrachm
Sellwood type 24

Crude fake cast in the wrong metal, listed as an “unresearched very rare ancient Roman Greek coin” by eBay seller owl.antiques, January 2023
Robert L3Jan 30, 2023
Mithradates II (Parthia)1 viewsTetradrachm
Sellwood type 24

Crude fake cast in the wrong metal, listed as an “unresearched rare ancient Roman Greek coin” by eBay seller m-antiquities, January 2023
Robert L3Jan 30, 2023
Mithradates II (Parthia)1 viewsTetradrachm
Sellwood type 24

Crude fake cast in the wrong metal, sold (and misattributed as Tigranes II) by eBay seller hasbe-1270, January 2023
Robert L3Jan 30, 2023
Marcus Aurelius altered RIC 2221 viewsM ANTONINVS AVG TR P XXIII (sic), laureate head right.
SALVTI AVG COS III, Salus standing left by serpent-entwined altar, holding patera and sceptre.

An altered RIC 222 - the date IIII of the date changed to III by the use of a rectangular punch which has left visible, rectangular depressions around the letters.
No silver coins were struck during Aurelius' tribunal year 23 (XXIII). According to several sources this was a mark
of respect and mourning after the death of Lucius Verus shortly after the start of Aurelius' tribunal year 23. This coin listed in
RIC, BMCRE, Cohen, Sear etc. only with ..XXIIII.

Sent to wildwinds for identification.
helveticaJan 27, 2023
Fake crab with TY above0 views"CARIA - Uncertain (B.C. 410-380)"
Head of Helios (?) facing, turned slightly to the left.
TY above crab.
This was offered to a coin dealer friend together with a number of other extremely convincing (but known) fakes.
The letters TY on their own were used on coins of
- Himera, Sicily (SNG Lewis 309 and Kraay, Himera p. 13 Rooster left/Hen right)
- Stymphalos, Arcadia (SNG Delepierre 2321, Head of Herakles/head of bird right)
There is also a coin with TYMNO from Termera, Caria, but all the known coins from there were quite poorly made and always had Herakles kneeling right on the obverse.

Motya (Sicily) struck coins with the head of Arethusa facing/Crab but all have the city name, usually in Punic beneath the crab. This type is apparently the closest "pattern" possible.

It is a well-made fake, and it is a puzzle why the faker added TY, thus making it so obviously different. Perhaps they were his own initials ...
helveticaJan 27, 2023
Trajan, Cast Sestertius11 viewsObv. IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS VI P P; Bust of Trajan, laureate, draped.
Rev. IMPERATOR VIII; Trajan, seated on platform, addressing soldiers.

Cast fake, 34 mm, 21,40 g. Auctioned as genuine, Germany 2023.
Leon S2Jan 22, 2023
Trajan, Cast Sestertius8 viewsObv. IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS VI P P; Bust of Trajan, laureate, draped.
Rev. IMPERATOR VIII; Trajan, seated on platform, addressing soldiers.

Cast fake, 33 mm, 20,19 g. Auctioned as genuine, Germany 2019.
Leon S2Jan 22, 2023
Valerian recut into Macrianus5 viewsLikely a modern re-cut Valerian/Macrianus Antoninianus.
IMP C FVL MACRIANVS P F AVG recut over radiate, cuirassed bust of Valerian I right.
ROMAE AETERNAE, Roma seated left on shield, holding Victory and spear.
Macrianus: RIC 11; RSC 11; Sear 10807.

A coin of Valerian I with the head of Valerian on the obverse but with the re-cut legend IMP C FVL MACRIANVS P F AVG to make it appear as RIC 11 of Macrianus.
The heads are utterly different, Valerian is older and has different features than the much younger Macrianus. RIC does not list the .. PF AVG legend for this reverse type for Valerian.
The use of dies from a coin of Valerian in ancient times and re-using it for Macrianus is unlikely because of the time between AD 256 when Valerian's ROMA AETERNAE coins were struck, and AD 260-261 when the same reverses were struck for Macrianus. In the interim Gallienus also had coins with this reverse struck, so they would have more likely used one of his dies.
I believe that the re-cutting is modern, in view of the fact that Macrianus coins are rarer than those of Valerian.

helveticaJan 16, 2023
Geta AE Medallion, Mysia Pergamon. Multiple examples from different firms, 2009-20238 viewsAE "Medaillon", Reported diameters 42-45mm, weights 35.56g-49.35g; 6h Pergamon, Mysien
Obv. AVTOKPA. KAI. POPLIOC CEPTI GETAC, Laur., cuir. ornamented with hd. of Medusa bust r.
Rev. EPCTP MHNOGENOVC B NEOY PERGAMH //NWN // B NEOKOR // WN, Emperor as horseman galloped r., holding spear, below fallen enemy.
Cast, fake patina.
In 2009, Ilya Prokopov uploaded an example of the same cast (from which the description above is edited & quoted): https://www.forumancientcoins.com/fakes/displayimage.php?pid=7578

Additional examples with the same centering, doubling, placement of centering dimple, and edge marks at 2h & 3h on the reverse.
Dangerous for the variety of artificial patinas and weathering.
Results above date 2015-2023. (Multiple additional examples can be found in archives of past sales.)
See discussion: https://www.forumancientcoins.com/board/index.php?topic=130374.0
Curtis JJJan 16, 2023
fake anonymous 1/3 siliqua time of Justinian1 views crude modern copy in the style of silver in the time of Justinian. Purchased from Ebay with a degree of caution, in hand it is an obvious fake sfhmgusaJan 13, 2023
Parthian Empire Mithradates II c. 121 - 91 B.C. Cast Drachms1 viewsParthian Empire Mithradates II c. 121 - 91 B.C.
Silver drachm, Sellwood 27, Ecbatana (Hamedan, Iran) mint, obverse bare-headed bust left with long pointed beard wearing diadem; reverse BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΛEΩN MEΓAΛOY APΣAKOY EΠIΦANOYΣ, beardless archer seated right, bow in right, square lined legend

Cast fakes
Joe SermariniJan 08, 2023
Tourist fake Terina stater0 views Head of the nymph Terina right, wearing ornate tainia /
Nike seated right on overturned hydria, holding kerykeion, bird perched on finger.

Cast copy of BM electrotype: https://www.forumancientcoins.com/fakes/displayimage.php?pid=19590
Pekka KDec 29, 2022
Otacilia Severa Pudicitia Denarius RIC 1230 viewsOtacilia Severa, Denarius, RIC 123b.
MARCIA OTACIL SEVERA AVG, diademed and draped bust right.
PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia, veiled, seated left on throne, holding transverse sceptre and drawing veil from her face with right hand.
Fake of RIC 123b
From the same fake dies as
helveticaDec 13, 2022
Caracalla Quadriga Denarius (Dangerous)5 viewsModern cast fake of AR denarius of Caracalla, 216 AD
cbv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM laureate head, right
rev: P M TR P XVIIII COS IIII P P Sol driving quadriga, left
cf: RIC 282f, RSC 355, BMC 176
Toronto Group forgery
SRukkeDec 13, 2022
Tranquillina Sestertius RIC 3415 viewsSABINIA TRANQVILLINA AVG /
Bust of Sabinia Tranquillina, diademed, draped, right
Gordian III, togate, standing right, holding roll in left hand and
clasping right hands with Tranquillina, draped, standing left

Cast fake of second and third generation of same original.
Note the cracks, in later generation coin cracks are partially filled.

Pekka KDec 12, 2022
Fantasy Otho sestertius1 viewsIMP OTHO CAESAR AVG TRI POT
Bare head of Otho right

Soldier with sword and shield l., captive bound to palm tree r.,
flaming altar in front

32.0 gr 32.5 mm

Shown on Facebook Dec. 2022
Pekka KDec 08, 2022
Pertinax denar4 views
Pertinax denar obverse with reverse of Gordian III
IMP CAES P HELV PERTIN AVG: Head of Pertinax, laureate, right /
P M TR P II COS P P, Providentia, draped, standing front, head left,
holding globe in extended right hand and transverse sceptre in left hand

Pekka KOct 29, 2022
Lydia, Croesus, 561 -564 BC AV 1/12 stater5 viewsLydia, Croesus, 561 -564 BC AV 1/12 stater
Condemned by NGC
Kath D2Oct 26, 2022
Titus denarius RIC 114 viewsIMP T CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG
Laureate head right

Trophy; below, captive kneeling right

Rome June 24-July 79 CE



Toronto Group forgery in silver. Matching dies and flan shapes.
This coin appears on Ebay and auction sites from time to time.
Dangerous until you see the others with same flan shape.

Jay GT4Oct 23, 2022
IUSTINIAN I (527-565) 8 viewsAE Follis IUSTINIAN I (527-565), probably cast, fake and fake sand patina.Przemyslaw ZOct 23, 2022
Mithradates I3 viewsDrachm
Mint: Hekatompylos
Sellwood 11.1

Sold by ebay seller 7879teri, October 2022.

See the following for more of these fakes:
Robert L3Oct 22, 2022
Westair Reproductions Limited3 viewsAE 20mm, weight 4g

Obverse: Head of Gallic warrior (Vercingetorix?) left

Reverse: Horse galloping left, WRL stamped below.

AradosOct 17, 2022
Sestertius of Caracalla4 viewsAquired in a Middle East souq

Diameter: 32mm
Weight: 20.02g
Jose MOct 03, 2022
Bronze Sestertius of Vespasian3 viewsAquired in a souq in the middle east

Diameter: 34mm
Weight: 19.97g
Jose MOct 03, 2022
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