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Providence (Providentia)
Probus, Summer 276 - September 282 A.D.; AEQVITI Series I of Rome, R T S

|Probus|, |Probus,| |Summer| |276| |-| |September| |282| |A.D.;| |AEQVI<u>T</u>I| |Series| |I| |of| |Rome,| |R| |<u>T</u>| |S||antoninianus|
Rome mint AEQVITI series I - click "AEQVITI" to read the NumisWiki article, "Coins of Probus with Coded Markings of AEQVITI Embedded in the mint mark." The first letter "R" indicates the Rome mint. The letter "T" in the middle of the mint mark is the sixth letter of the codeword AEQVITI. The last letter "S" indicates this coin was struck by the sixth officina (mint workshop). The letters of the word AEQVITI are coded in the mint marks of coins from all the officinae of the mint, with the specific letters of the codeword assigned to each officina in order corresponding with their officina numbers.
SL95848. Silvered antoninianus, RIC V-2 181 (S); Cohen VI 493; SRCV III 12015; Pink p. 59, series 7; Hunter IV - (p. cxxxvii), Ch XF, strike 4/5, surface 2/5, silvering, high silver content flan (5771373-002), weight 3.807 g, maximum diameter 21.1 mm, die axis 180o, 6th officina, Rome mint, 282 A.D.; obverse PROBVS P F AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right; reverse PROVIDENTIA AVG (the foresight of the Emperor), Providentia standing left, globe in right hand, scepter in left, RTS in exergue; NGC| Lookup; scarce; $160.00 SALE |PRICE| $144.00

Septimius Severus, 9 April 193 - 4 February 211 A.D.

|Septimius| |Severus|, |Septimius| |Severus,| |9| |April| |193| |-| |4| |February| |211| |A.D.||denarius|
Providence is most often depicted clothed in a matron’s gown, holding a cornucopia in her left hand and in her right a short wand, which she points to a globe. She holds this globe in her right hand or it lies at her feet. The type is intended to mark the power and wisdom of the emperor, who ruled the Roman world. On this coin the plural AVGG indicates two Augusti, Severus and his son Caracalla.
RS97451. Silver denarius, RIC IV 166, RSC III 586, BMCRE V 197, SRCV II 6354, Hunter III -, aEF, excellent portrait, nice toning, small scratch in beard, edge a little ragged, weight 3.184 g, maximum diameter 19.5 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, 200 - 210 A.D.; obverse SEVERVS AVG PART MAX, laureate head right; reverse PROVID AVGG (the foresight of the two emperors), Providentia standing left, wand in right hand held over globe at feet on left, long grounded scepter vertical in left hand; $160.00 SALE |PRICE| $144.00

Maximian, 286 - 305, 306 - 308, and 310 A.D.

|Maximian|, |Maximian,| |286| |-| |305,| |306| |-| |308,| |and| |310| |A.D.||follis|
Quies is the personification of rest and retirement. This coin honors the Senior Emperors Diocletian and Maximian after their abdication in 305 A.D. The obverse dedicates the coin, "to our lord Maximian the happy senior emperor." The reverse translates, "By the providence of the gods, the restful retirement of the Emperors."
RT96916. Billon follis, RIC VI Serdica p. 495, 15b; SRCV IV 13408; Cohen VI 489/493; Hunter V -, VF, well centered, spots of corrosion, encrustations and deposits, scratches, weight 8.380 g, maximum diameter 28.9 mm, die axis 0o, 1st officina, Serdica (Sofia, Bulgaria) mint, 305 - 306 A.D.; obverse D N MAXIMIANO FELICISSIMO SEN AVG, laureate bust right, wearing imperial mantle, olive branch in right hand, mappa in left hand; reverse PROVIDENTIA DEORVM QVIES AVGG, Providentia stands left, Quies stands right holding branch and scepter, S - F at sides, A in center, •SM•SD• in exergue; $110.00 SALE |PRICE| $99.00

Romano-British Empire, Carausius, Mid 286 - Spring or Early Summer 293 A.D.

|Carausius|, |Romano-British| |Empire,| |Carausius,| |Mid| |286| |-| |Spring| |or| |Early| |Summer| |293| |A.D.||antoninianus|
In The Reign and Coinage of Carausius, Percy Webb wrote that Providentia types are very common, but those reading PROVIDEN are rare.
RA73472. Billon antoninianus, Webb Carausius 175 (draped, no cuirass) or 176 (also cuirassed), RIC V-2 149 (S), SRCV IV 13694, Askew 182, Hunter IV -, VF, green patina, well centered on a tight flan, areas weakly struck, bumps and marks, weight 3.155 g, maximum diameter 22.8 mm, die axis 180o, Londinium (London, England) mint, c. late 289/290 - 290/291; obverse IMP CARAVSIVS P F AVG, radiate, draped (and cuirassed?) bust right, middle reign portrait type; reverse PROVIDENT AVG (the foresight of the Emperor), Providentia standing left, globe in right hand, long transverse scepter in left hand, B - E across fields, MLXXI in exergue; from the Charles Peters Carausius Collection; scarce; $50.00 SALE |PRICE| $45.00

Romano-British Empire, Carausius, Mid 286 - Spring or Early Summer 293 A.D.

|Carausius|, |Romano-British| |Empire,| |Carausius,| |Mid| |286| |-| |Spring| |or| |Early| |Summer| |293| |A.D.||antoninianus|
The plural AVGGG in the reverse legend refers to Diocletian, Maximian and Carausius in a futile attempt to appease the legitimate mainland rulers.
RA73292. Billon antoninianus, RIC V-2 347, SRCV IV 13679, Askew 250, Webb Carausius -, Cohen VII -, Hunter IV -, aVF, some silvering remaining, green patina, patina chips, edge chips, weight 2.383 g, maximum diameter 22.1 mm, die axis 180o, Camulodunum (Colchester, England) mint, c. 292 - early 293 A.D.; obverse IMP C CARAVSIVS AVG, radiate and draped right, tetrarchic portrait type; reverse PROVID AVGGG (the foresight of the three emperors), Providentia standing half left, staff in right hand held vertically downward between globe on ground on left and right foot, cornucopia in left hand, S-P flanking low across field, C in exergue; from the Charles Peters Carausius Collection; $40.00 SALE |PRICE| $36.00


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