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Thessalonica, Macedonia (Salonika, Greece)

King Cassander of Macedonia founded Thessalonica in 315 B.C. He named it after his wife Thessalonike, a half-sister of Alexander the Great. The Romans made Thessalonica the capital of the Roman province of Macedonia 168 B.C. In 50 A.D., the Apostle Paul founded the second Christian church on the European continent at Thessalonica and sent it his "Epistles to the Thessalonians." In 379 when the Roman Prefecture of Illyricum was divided between the East and West Roman Empires, Thessaloniki became the capital of the new Prefecture of Illyricum. The city remained important in the Byzantine Empire. [Dates of operation: 298 or 299 - c. 460 (closed during the reign of Leo I, 457 - 474). Mintmarks: COM, COMOB, OES, SMTS, TE, TES, TESOB, TH, THES, THS, THSOB, TS, T Christogram E.

Byzantine Empire, Alexius I, Irene and John II, Autumn 1092 - 15 August 1118 A.D., John II Coronation Issue

|Alexius| |I|, |Byzantine| |Empire,| |Alexius| |I,| |Irene| |and| |John| |II,| |Autumn| |1092| |-| |15| |August| |1118| |A.D.,| |John| |II| |Coronation| |Issue||tetarteron|
Issued for celebrations throughout the Empire to honor the coronation of John II as co-emperor in 1092. This very rare type and two other types also issued for the coronation, are traditionally identified as the earliest tetarteron. They may actually be sphragidia that were distributed only to a select group of people who participated in the celebrations, or for charitable purposes.
BZ95153. Lead tetarteron, DOC IV-1 pl. IV, Pb 37; Grierson 1035; CLBC 2.5.1; SBCV -; Hendy -, Sommer -, aF, bumps, encrustations, thick patina, weight 4.375 g, maximum diameter 17.6 mm, die axis 180o, Thessalonica (Salonika, Greece) mint, John II coronation issue, autumn 1092; obverse ∆/MI/TP (or similar, Demetrius, columnar on left), IW ∆ECΠT (or similar, John, Despot, clockwise on right), full-length figures St. Demetrius (on left) and John II standing facing, holding labarum between them; Saint nimbate, wears garb, sword in right hand, John wears stemma, divitision, collar-piece and jeweled loros; reverse AΛEZIW ∆- HPHNIV (or similar, Alexius, Despot - Irene), full-length figures of Alexis (on left) and Irene, holding long cross between them, both wear stemma, divitision, collar-piece and jeweled loros, Alexius holds anexikakia in right hand; from the S. Lindner Collection; scarce; $120.00 SALE |PRICE| $108.00

Licinius I, 11 November 308 - 18 September 324 A.D.

|Licinius| |I|, |Licinius| |I,| |11| |November| |308| |-| |18| |September| |324| |A.D.||centenionalis|
In 318, Constantine the Great was given the title Britannicus Maximus, for successful engagements in Britain. The details of the battles are unknown.
RL79956. Billon centenionalis, RIC VII Thessalonica 33, SRCV IV 15382, Cohen VII 222, gVF, much silvering, well centered on a tight flan, weight 3.740 g, maximum diameter 17.8 mm, die axis 0o, 1st officina, Thessalonica (Salonika, Greece) mint, 318 - 319 A.D.; obverse IMP LICINIVS AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust right; reverse VOT XX / MVLT / XXX / TSA, within wreath; scarce; $50.00 SALE |PRICE| $45.00

Augustus, 16 January 27 B.C. - 19 August 14 A.D., Thessalonica, Macedonia

|Thessalonica|, |Augustus,| |16| |January| |27| |B.C.| |-| |19| |August| |14| |A.D.,| |Thessalonica,| |Macedonia||AE| |23|
Under Roman rule, the importance of Thessalonica grew until it became the Roman administrative center for all of Greece. Its location at the nexus of both the East-West trading route and the North-South route was ideal.
SH59996. Bronze AE 23, RPC I 1557; BMC Macedonia p. 116, 70; SNG Cop 396; SNG ANS 829; Varbanov III 4137 (R4), gVF, weight 8.264 g, maximum diameter 23.1 mm, die axis 0o, Thessalonika (Salonika, Greece) mint, c. 27 - 23 B.C.; obverse KAIΣAP ΣEBAΣTOΣ, laureate head of Augustus right; reverse ΘEΣΣAΛO/NIKEΩN in two lines within laurel wreath; SOLD


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