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 on: Today at 05:01:25 am 
Started by Jochen - Last post by Jochen
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Titles in Italics refer to Roman mythology!
Apollo Smintheus
Apollo Sauroktonos - The Lizardkiller
Amphilochos - The seer
Apollo Lykeios
Apollo Lykeios - or rather not?
The Rape of Persephone
The Stymphalean Birds - an ancient Bird Influenza?
The Sword Dance of the Kuretes
Gigantomachia - The battle of the Giants
The two Nemeseis of Smyrna
Haimos - the Mountain God
Astarte, or Ba'alat Gebul, the Lady of Byblos
Baetyl, the sacred stone
Erichthonios - King of Athens
Marsyas - the skinned
Triptolemos - the bringer of culture
Men - the Anatolean Moon God
Ma-Enyo - the archaic War Goddess
Ares - the bloodthirsty killer
Aphrodite Pudica
The infant Dionysos
Dionysos and the panther
Dionysos with Kantharos
Mount Argaios - the Sacred Mountain of Cappadocia
Some notes on the Roman god Liber
The Aegis - the wondershield of Zeus
The Gorgoneion - the head of Medusa
Asklepios - the Healing God
The gods of the Underworld
Dea Caelestis - the ancient City Goddess of Carthage
Kybele - the great Earth Mother
The Dioscurs - the divine pair of brothers
Hermes - the frontier runner
Melikertes and the Isthmian Games
Omphale - owner and lover of Herakles
The snake cult of Alexander of Abounoteichos (called the FALSE PROPHET)
A curious depiction of Asklepios
The heritage of Greek mythology in modern literature
The madness of Aias the Great
Kronos - father of gods
Asteria - the Star Goddess
Perseus and Andromeda
The Ephesian Boar
The Calydonean Boar
Bull Mythology
Some notes on the river-gods
Mt. Gerizim - the holy mountain of Samaria
The mysterious Cabiri
Herakliskos Drakonopnigon - The infant Herakles strangling the snakes
Atargatis or Dea Syria, the Great Syrian Goddess
Orpheus taming the wild animals
Telephos, the son of Herakles
Dionysos and Nikaia - the founder myth of Nicaea
Dido - founder of Carthage
The Minotaur
Battos - the untrue herdsman
Kadmos - Founder of Thebes
Darzalas - The Great God of Odessos
Tyre and the Ambrosial rocks
Artemis Tauropolos and Iphigenia
The Lokrian Aias
The Herakles Farnese
Europa and the bull
The auloi
Leda and the swan
Tomos - the Ktistes
Hippolytos and Phaidra
An interesting depiction of Zeus-Ammon
Alpheios and the nymph Arethusa
The Dioskouroi
The myths of Arne
Artemis and Kallisto
The Lares
The white sow of Lavinium
The Catanian Brothers
The rape of the Sabine women
Veiovis and Amaltheia
Herakles with kantharos
Laurel wreath with berries
Some notes on Pan
Miletos - founder of Milet
Herakles and the Nemean lion
Venus Verticordia
The love of Ares and Aphrodite
The fourth labor of Herakles, the Erymanthian Boar
Zeus Kasios
Zeus Kataibates
Venus Cloacina
The struggle between Xanthos and Achilleus
The Erymanthian Boar II
Herakles and the giant Antaios
Anna Perenna
Iuppiter Optimus Maximus
Ganymedes - the beautiful
The three Graces
Juno Sospita
Apollo with double-axe
The Amazons
Cheiron, the wise kentaur
The Kentaurs
Aeneas, carrying Anchises
Apollo Patroos
Hekate Triformis
Poseidon and the nymph Beroe
Some notes on Mithras
Hector - Heroe of Troy
Juno Caprotina
The Thracian Rider-God Heros
The unlucky King Kyzikos
Hylas - Herakles' favorite
Aphrodite Urania
Sandan of Tarsos
Diana Nemorensis
Acca Larentia
Apollo Smintheus and the herdsman Ordes
Hera Lacinia
The Egyptian Sphinx
The river Nile
Agathodaimon and Uraeus
The crowns of ancient Egypt
Zeus Olbios and the Priest-Kingdom of Olba
Some notes on Nemesis
The Star of Bethlehem: Mythology or not?
The myth of Tereus and Prokne
Mars and Rhea Silva
Faustulus and the twins
Romulus and the first triumph
Byzas - founder of Byzanz
Herophile - the Sibyl
The voting pebble of Athena
The second labour of Hercules, the Lernaean Hydra
The Garden of the Hesperides
The Cult of Dionysos in Nysa-Scythopolis
Eshmun - The Phoenician Healer God
The pre-Islamic goddess Al-Lat
Aineias escapes from Troy
Pyramus and Thisbe
The Genius
The Genius Cucullatus and Christophorus
Artemis with child
Nymph Nysa and the Dionysos Child
Dionysos and Ariadne
The Samian Hera
Shamash - The Babylonian sun-god
A founder myth of Lanuvium
A word about Aequitas
Doros - son of Poseidon
The bound Ares
The drunken Hephaistos
Leto - mother of the twins Apollo and Artemis
Ptah - the Creator God of Memphis
The Sibyl Mantho
The mysterious Pigmies
Poseidon and Troy
Hadad - Jupiter Heliopolitanus
Io/Hathor (and Marnas)
Saturn - the old Roman God of Agriculture
Herakles and the Cretan Bull
Artemis Perasia, the old Kubaba
Apollo Philesios and the movable stag of Kanachos
The Greek Sphinx
Derketo and Triton(?)
Juno Martialis
Some notes on the Phoenix
The Sothic Cycle
Amor and Psyche
Some notes on Eros
The Greek sun-god Helios
Aphrodite Stratonikis
Gordios - Founder of Gordion
The Griffins
Tyche Euposia
Apollo Karinos, the stony Apollo
Apollon Iatros - Apollon the Doctor
Apollon Klarios and the Oracle of Klaros
Silen and Dionysos
Who is the boy between Asklepios and Hygieia?
Zeus Syrgastes
Pelops and the Curse of the House of Atreus
Some notes on Aeternitas
Aphrodite Aphrodisias

Until here the articles are in the book 'Coins and Ancient Mythology'
Thoth, Hermes Trismegistos
The Caduceus (Kerykeion)
Crescent and the ash-grey moonlight
The Mythology of Tenedos
Maron - Eponym of Maroneia
The Return of Odysseus
Excursion: The island of the Phaiakians - Homer's Atlantis?
The so-called Tyche of Antioch
The horrible fate of Tarpeia
Janus - the God with 2 Faces
Excursion: 'The Mourning Penelope' - An Addentum to 'Tyche'
Phrixos and Helle
Excursion: The Dardanelles
The standing lake-god of Savatra
Zeus Olybrios
Philoctetes - the Story of a Lonely and Tortured
Midas (and Mida)
Athena Itonia
Herakles and Kerberos
El/Kronos of Byblos
Excursion: Joseph Weizenbaum's ELIZA
Theseus, the National Hero of the Athenians
Rhodope and the Rabbit - A Beauty from Markianopolis
The Ichthyocentaurs
Otreus and Aineas
Apollo Karneios
Pallor - Goddes of Paleness and Fear
Some Notes on the Cock
Jupiter Stator
Talos - The first Robot in History
Excursion: Man and Machine
The Phrygian Rider-God Sozon
Astakos and the founder myth of Nikomedeia
Dione and the Oracle of Dodona
Excursion: Deukalion and Pyrrha
Apollo Lairbenos
Sauroktonos revisited
Herakles and the Lernaean Hydra
Excursion: The Hydra as Allegory of the Enemy
Sobek - the Egyptian crocodile god
Eirene - the Greek goddess of Peace
Pax - the Roman goddess of Peace
Selene - the Greek goddess of the moon
Pelops and Hippodameia
Elagabal - The sun god of Emesa
Excursion: The Procession of the Kalathos of Demeter
Ahura Mazda - The Wise Lord
Excursion: Nietzsche, Thus spoke Zarathustra
The Family of Maiandros

Index of this thread

 on: Today at 04:56:12 am 
Started by ebusus - Last post by Meepzorp
Hi ebu,

I have an example of the coin in your second link. I have a larger and clearer photo.

Here is my example (scroll down, last coin):


 on: Today at 04:46:24 am 
Started by Tanit - Last post by Altamura
On the obverse it is not Hermes, perhaps Apollo. The reverse could be some sort of lyre, but this doesn't really help  Undecided.



 on: Today at 03:42:14 am 
Started by timka - Last post by timka

I cannot find this type in the new RIC for Hadrian, am I missing something between the lines?


2,8gr - 18mm - 6h

Thank you for your time,


 on: Today at 02:41:36 am 
Started by Molinari - Last post by Vincent
On the other side of the spectrum there is the "Pin Heads" of the Period joint rule of Constantine and Licinius from the Eastern mints like Heraclea for Crispus and Constantine II

And Cyzicus for Licinius II junior

I've seen a head literally just a punched mark dot!

 on: Today at 02:35:05 am 
Started by Odoacer - Last post by Odoacer
Yes it is, you are absolutely right! Thanks a lot

 on: Today at 02:20:49 am 
Started by Odoacer - Last post by shanxi
The obverse legend might start with IMP CAE C

If I read this correctly, it might be Hostillian

 on: Today at 01:53:28 am 
Started by Odoacer - Last post by Odoacer
Dear members,

Can anyone help me out with this bronze with reverse Salus? weight 12,52 27 mm

Thanks a lot!
Best regards

 on: Today at 01:45:55 am 
Started by Thilo - Last post by Thilo
Thanks, Justin. I also checked (as far as possible) for the obverse die to no avail - same for the reverse for coins with Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, individually.

 on: Today at 01:39:05 am 
Started by Paul B4 - Last post by shanxi
IOVΛIOC  is only one word: Julius

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