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The Best of Type!


Add your superb coins to the BOT Gallery. Only the very best example of each type (RIC number for example) with above a four star rating after 10 votes will stay in BOT. A challenge begins when two coins of the same type are listed. The highest rated coin after both have 10 or more votes wins. Challenge defeats and coins with a four star rating or below will be removed from the gallery. If your coin is posted here, you get bragging rights and perhaps even a higher price if you sell (list it as "Best of the Type in FORVM's Gallery!").

1975 files, last one added on Oct 31, 2018

Superb and Masterpiece Portraits Gallery


A superb portrait appears that it could come to life. Many or most coin portraits actually lack this trait. A masterpiece portrait not only appears that it could come to life, but also makes an impression of what the subject was like, what they were thinking or how they felt. It's not about the grade; it's about the art.

225 files, last one added on Nov 17, 2018

Unlisted and Unpublished Coins


Post unpublished coins to identify them to collectors, scholars, authors, and publishers. Also post coins unlisted in major references but perhaps included in a scarce publication. Before uploading here, we recommend posting your coin on the discussion board for possible identification of a published example. Please identify the references checked.

203 files, last one added on Nov 20, 2018

Plate Coins


Please post your coins illustrated in popular references, and scholarly books or articles here. Also, please post your coin if it is the exact coin (not the same type, the exact same coin) described by a reference, even if the coin is not illustrated. In addition to the usual attribution, description, weight, and diameter of the coin, please identify the book, its author, the page and/or plate number, and the item number.

102 files, last one added on Oct 07, 2018

Monumental Coins - Campgates and Other Architecture


Campgates, city gates, temples, etc., post your monumental coins here.

162 files, last one added on Sep 29, 2018

Ancient Women


Women of the ancient world depicted on ancient coins.

164 files, last one added on Nov 18, 2018

Coin Zoo - Animals


Express your wild side and help populate the greatest classical numismatic zoo on earth with every possible variety of real and mythical animals.

190 files, last one added on Nov 12, 2017

The Pantheon - Gods, Goddesses and Personifications


A gallery of mythology. Please include information about the deity and their attributes.

173 files, last one added on Jan 21, 2017

Historical Coins


Share your historically significant coins. Along with posting photos of the coin, please describe the historic event related to the coin.

79 files, last one added on Aug 19, 2018

Ancient Counterfeits and Barbarous Imitations


Ancient but not official.

216 files, last one added on Jan 28, 2018

Roman Mint Style Examples


Each Roman mint had its own style. Learning about these styles will help with attribution and authentication. Discussion board members please share your knowledge here. Along with posting photos of the coin, please explain the features that distinguish the mint.

22 files, last one added on May 08, 2017



We hope this gallery will become a great reference for countermarks. Please add your countermarked coins to this gallery with as much reference information as possible.

367 files, last one added on Nov 21, 2017

Viminacium and Dacia - Lion and Bull


48 files, last one added on Feb 22, 2018

Lead Seals


The vast array of ancient lead seal types makes their attribution and study complex. It also means there is still tremendous opportunity for new discovery. While there are some published collections, most references are rare and expensive. Most online references for seals are not in English. This gallery is intended to be a useful resource for the attribution and better understanding of ancient seals.

65 files, last one added on Aug 18, 2015

Coins from Members' Personal Ancient Coin Galleries


If you want to remove coin photos from your gallery, please don't delete them - move them here. Forum staff will move photos here from the galleries of members that unregister.

3563 files, last one added on Aug 19, 2018

Places and Things Depicted on Coins


Statues, temples, mountains and other things that were depicted on ancient coins.

109 files, last one added on Nov 19, 2018

Ancient Sites Photo Gallery


Did you go on a vacation to an ancient site or do you live near one? Upload your pictures here to share views of ancient cities, buildings, ruins, etc. Please state where the pictures were taken and give a brief description of the site.

753 files, last one added on Aug 19, 2018


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Last additions - Coin Collecting Theme Galleries
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Hadrian EGYPT, Alexandria. Obol 125-26 AD Nilus reclining1 viewsReference.
RPC III--; Emmett --; kLN;

Issue L ΔΕ = year 10

Laureate head of Hadrian r., drapery on l. shoulder

Rev. L ΔΕ
Nilus reclining left, hippopotamus under left arm, long reed in right, cornucopia in left.

4.37 gr
20 mm
okidokiNov 20, 2018
Caracalla brought to life4 viewsAs far as colorizing ancient busts goes, this is the best I've ever seen - Caracalla, face to face.1 commentsSteven HNov 19, 2018
Julia Domna, 213 AD, RIC IV C3906 viewsRIC IV C390, RSC III 230, BMCRE V C29, Hunter III C10, SRCV II 7108
Obverse: IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG, draped bust right, hair in horizontal ridges, looped plait from ear around back of neck
Reverse: VESTA, Vesta standing facing, head left, veiled, palladium in right hand, long scepter vertical in left hand

The most lifelike portrait I've seen on a Julia Domna coin
1 commentsSteven HNov 18, 2018
Roman, Julia Domna4 viewsSilver denarius, RIC IV C390, RSC III 230, BMCRE V C29, Hunter III C10, SRCV II 7108, Choice aEF, 3.246g, 19.1mm, 180 die axis, Rome mint, reign of Caracalla, 213 A.D.; obverse IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG, reverse VESTA; from the Jyrki Muona Collection

A superb portrait, much more realistic and lifelike than the usual Julia Domna portraits. She was 43 years old when this coin was struck, and her portrait here reflects her 20+ years alongside her husband, Septimius Severus, living in camp on his military campaigns, raising Caracalla and Geta, being an empress of Rome. She looks very dignified and noble, and looks a lot more like her sister Julia Maesa than her usual portraits show.
Steven HNov 17, 2018
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Hadrian, Cistophorus Uncertain mint in Asia Minor, Eagle12 viewsReference.
RPC III, --; Metcalf --

Laureate bust left.

Eagle, with head right and wings spread, standing facing on thunderbolt.

10.15 gr
28 mm
3 commentsokidokiNov 08, 2018
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, NUMERIAN as Augustus. Billon Tetradrachm of Alexandria. Struck A.D.2845 viewsObverse: A K M A NOVMEPIANOC CEB. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Numerian facing right.
Reverse: ETOYC Γ (= regnal year 3 = A.D.284). Eirene standing facing left, raising her right hand and holding transverse sceptre in her left.
Curtis : 1947 | Emmett : 4020 | Milne : 4735 | Dattari : 5609 | Geissen : 3198 | BMC : 2466.
Weight : 8.03gms. Diameter : 19.7mm.
Purchased from FORVM
*AlexOct 31, 2018
Roman Empire, CONSTANTIUS GALLUS CAESAR. AE2 Maiorina or Centenionalis of Antioch. Struck A.D.351 - 35420 viewsObverse: D N CONSTANTIVS NOB CAES. Bare-headed draped and cuirassed bust of Constantius Gallus facing right.
Reverse: FEL TEMP REPARATIO. Soldier advancing left, spearing fallen horseman, discarded shield on ground at feet; in left field, Γ : in exergue, ANH.
Weight 5.6gms
2 comments*AlexOct 25, 2018
Roman Empire, CONSTANTIUS GALLUS CAESAR. AE Centenionalis of Siscia. Struck A.D.3515 viewsObverse: D N CONSTANTIVS IVN NOB C. Bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust of Constantius Gallus facing right; behind bust, H.
Reverse: HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS. Constantius Gallus standing facing left, holding labarum in his right hand and spear in his left, being crowned by Victory standing behind him. In left field, III; in exergue, ASIS.
RIC VIII : 308
1 comments*AlexOct 25, 2018
Roman Empire, CONSTANTINE I, Posthumous Commemorative AE4 of Antioch. Struck A.D.347 - 348 under Constantius II5 viewsObverse: DV CONSTANTINVS PT AVGG. Veiled head of Constantine facing right.
Reverse: Constantine I, veiled and togate, standing facing right; across field, VN - MR; in exergue, SMANE.
RIC VIII : 112
*AlexOct 25, 2018
Roman Empire, Probus Antoninianus. Cyzicus6 viewsPROBUS, 276-282. Mint Cyzicus.
Obv: IMP C M AVR PROBVS AVG, radiate cuirassed bust right
Rev: CLEMENTIA TEMP emperor standing right, holding sceptre, receiving globe from Jupiter
Officina Q/ XXI in exergue
3.82 g.
The only known example.
Not in major references.
Acquired in December 2016.
From the Phillipe Gysen Collection
Paul Francis Jacquier Auction 45 Lot 1721 September 14, 2018
1 commentsorfewOct 21, 2018
ROMAN EMPIRE, CONSTANTINE I as CAESAR. Large AE Follis of Carthage. Struck A.D.30712 viewsObverse: CONSTANTINVS NOB CAES. Laureate head of Constantine facing right.
Reverse: CONSERVATO-RES KART SVAE. Hexastyle temple within which is Carthage standing facing left holding fruits in both hands. In exergue, PKΔ.
Diameter: 25.15mm | Weight: 6.4gms
RIC VI : 61
2 comments*AlexOct 17, 2018
Roman Empire, Constantine I as Augustus. AE3 of Constantinople. Struck A.D.327 - 3283 viewsObverse: CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG. Diademed head of Constantine facing right.
Reverse: GLORIA ROMANORVM. Roma seated on shield facing left, holding Victory in her right hand and spear in her left; in left field, A; in exergue, CONS.
RIC VII : 23.
*AlexOct 17, 2018
Roman Empire, CONSTANTINE I as Augustus. AE3 of Constantinople. Struck A.D.327 - 3283 viewsObverse: CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG. Diademed head of Constantine facing right.
Reverse: GLORIA EXERCITVS. Constantine standing facing, head right, holding spear in right hand and leaning on shield; in left field, S; in exergue, CONS.
RIC VII : 22
*AlexOct 17, 2018
ROMAN EMPIRE, CONSTANS, AE2 of ANTIOCH. Struck A.D.348 - 35026 viewsObverse: D N CONSTANS P F AVG. Pearl diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Constans holding globe facing left.
Reverse: FEL TEMP REPARATIO. Soldier advancing right, dragging small barbarian from hut beneath tree; in exergue, ANΔ.
RIC VIII : 126
5 comments*AlexOct 15, 2018
ROMAN EMPIRE, CLAUDIUS II GOTHICUS. Commemorative AE Antoninianus of Cyzicus. Struck A.D.270 - 271, probably under Aurelian2 viewsObverse: DIVO CLAVDIO. Radiate head of Claudius II Gothicus facing right, three pellets below.
Reverse: CONSACRATIO. Ustrinum or pyre of three storeys, arch in lowest storey, uppermost storey flanked by two statues, flames (or perhaps an eagle) rising from summit.
Diameter: 21mm | Weight: 2.9gms | Die Axis: 6
RIC V : 267
*AlexOct 15, 2018
ROMAN EMPIRE, City Commemorative, POP ROMANUS, AE4 of Constantinople. Struck A.D.341 - 346 under Constantius II4 viewsObverse: POP ROMANVS. Laureate and draped bust of the Genius of the Roman people facing left, cornucopiae over left shoulder.
Reverse: No legend. Star with CONSB below, all within wreath.
*AlexOct 15, 2018

Random files - Coin Collecting Theme Galleries
Roman, Victorinus Antoninianus405 viewsVictorinus AE-Antoninian, 3. emission, struck 270 AD at Trier mint.
Obv: IMP C VICTORINVS P F AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right.
(Rev: PIETAS AVG, Pietas standing left acrificing over altar.)
20 mm, 3.77 g.
RIC 57, Zschucke 263.
3 commentsPscipio
Aeneas182 viewsOrichalcum sestertius (25.15,33mm, 12h) Rome mint. Struck AD 140-144.
ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P COS III laureate head of Antoninus Pius facing right.
S C Aeneas wearing a short tunic and cloac, advancing right, carrying Anchises on his left shoulder and holding Ascanius by the hand. Anchises (veiled and draped) carries a box in left hand, Ascanius wears a short tunic and Phrygian cap and caries a pedum in left hand.
RIC 627[R2], BMCRE 1292, Cohen 761; Banti (I Grandi Bronzi Imperiali) 373 (4 specimens); Foss (Roman Historical Coins) 128:57b

This issue is one of a series issued by Antoninus Pius in preparation of the 900th anniversary of Rome, figuring scenes from ancient Roman legends. The scene depicts Aeneas leaving Troy with Ascanius and Anchises. One of the descendants of Aeneas' son Ascanius (known now as Iulus) was Rhea Silvia, who, impregnated by the god Mars, gave birth to the twins, Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome.

ex John Jencek (2009)
Charles S
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constans 323-350 AD.16 viewsAE3 of Constans 323-350 AD.

Weight: 2.2gr
Size: 16mm

Obv: CONSTANS PF AVG - Constans right.

Rev: GLORIA EXERCITVS - Two soldiers standing either side of two standards.

Exergue BSIS - Minted in Scicia.


Sear ???? - RIC ?? - VM 47 .
Jorge C
ROMAN EMPIRE, Lucius Verus, AE Dupondius49 viewsObv: IMP CAES L AVREL VERVS AVG
Radiate bust, right.
Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus clasping hands. S C in exergue.
Dupondius, 12.4 gm, 27 mm, RIC 1292, Cohen 33.
1 commentsMassanutten