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Map - London 400 A.D.72 viewsA general outline of Roman London in late antiquity, with the modern banks of the Thames. Discovered roads drawn as double lines; conjectural roads, single lines.
Map - London Reconstruction 120 AD72 viewsMap - London Reconstruction 120 AD
Map - Roman Britain - Roman Road Network and the the Antonine Itinerary87 viewsBased on Jones & Mattingly's Atlas of Roman Britain (ISBN 978-1-84217-06700, 1990, reprinted 2007), pp. 23–28; Frere's Britannia (Third edition, 1987, revised); Codrington's Roman Roads in Britain; Reynold's Iter Britanniarum; and other minor sources — the sources are cited in the image legend.
Map - Scotland, Time of Titus and Domitian.703 viewsThe Northern British Campaigns of Agricola, A.D.80 – 84.
Map - Ancient Britannia634 views
Map - Settlements of Angles, Saxons and Jutes in Britain about 600 AD812 views
Map - Britannia Antiqua548 views
Map - The British Isles 802 AD496 views
Map - Dominions of Cnut 1014 - 1035485 views
Map - End of Roman rule in Britain 383-410719 views
Map - Hadrian's Wall582 views
Map - Hadrian's Wall598 views
The Late Roman fortifications of the “Saxon Shore” (litus Saxonicum) in Britain and northern France.216 viewsThe Late Roman fortifications of the “Saxon Shore” (litus Saxonicum) in Britain and northern France.

The Saxon Shore (Latin: litus Saxonicum) was a military command of the late Roman Empire, consisting of a series of fortifications on both sides of the English Channel. It was established in the late 3rd century and was led by the "Count of the Saxon Shore". In the late 4th century, his functions were limited to Britain, while the fortifications in Gaul were established as separate commands. Several Saxon Shore forts survive in east and south-east England.
Map - Ancient Britannia559 views
Map - Roman Britain549 views
Map - Roman Britian460 views
Map - Romanization of Britain681 views
Map - South East Britannia464 viewsThis is from the journal Archaeologia, vol 33, 1849. It is from a paper by John Yonge Akerman " On the Condition of Britannia from the descent of Caesar to the coming of Claudius, accompanied by a map of a portion of Britain in its ancient state, shewing the finding of indigenous coins".
Map - 40 - 78 AD Pre-Roman Wales624 views
Map - Northern Britain c. A.D. 550 - 650.595 viewsThe placements of peoples and sites based on Celtic Culture: A Historical Encyclopedia, by John T. Koch, except the positioning of Roman roads which is based on the Iter Britanniarum of the Antonine Itineraries and other sources, supplemented by Koch's additions.
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