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Tripolis, Phoenicia (Tripoli, Lebanon)

Aurelian established the Tripolis mint, c. 274 A.D., which minted antoniniani and a few aurei types until it closed during the join reign of Diocletian and Maximian, c. 287 A.D. The Tripolis coins of Aurelian, Tacitus and Probus are not clearly mint-marked to identify Tripolis (most often with "KA" in the exergue). After Probus, Tripolis coins are marked "TR" in the reverse field. There were several cities within the Roman Empire named Tripolis. The most likely city that hosted the Roman mint was the Tripolis south of Antioch, which today is Tripoli, Lebanon. Dates of operation: c. 274 - c. 287. Mintmarks: KA in exergue, TR in center field.

Carus, Early September 282 - c. July or August 283 A.D., Posthumous Consecration Issue

|Carus|, |Carus,| |Early| |September| |282| |-| |c.| |July| |or| |August| |283| |A.D.,| |Posthumous| |Consecration| |Issue||antoninianus|
The consecratio altar type is not listed for Tripolis mint in references held by Forum. A similar type is listed for Antioch.
SH08800. Billon antoninianus, RIC V-2 -, SRCV -, ANS -, Choice aEF, weight 3.06 g, maximum diameter 22.7 mm, die axis 180o, Tripolis (Tripoli, Lebanon) mint, obverse DIVO CARO AVG, radiate bust right; reverse CONSECRATIOē, flaming altar, T - R across fields, XXI in exergue; dark toning; SOLD


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