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Ancient Figures and Statues
Roman, White Marble Head of a Youth, 2nd - 3rd Century A.D.

|Figures| |&| |Statues|, |Roman,| |White| |Marble| |Head| |of| |a| |Youth,| |2nd| |-| |3rd| |Century| |A.D.|
AC34395. Marble head of youth; unfinished back, perhaps part of a relief, hair drawn back, nose intact; c. 20 cm (8") tall, SOLD

Egyptian, 26th - 30th Dynasty, Wood Boat with Four Oarsmen and Fish Basket, 664 - 342 B.C.

|Egyptian| |Antiquities|, |Egyptian,| |26th| |-| |30th| |Dynasty,| |Wood| |Boat| |with| |Four| |Oarsmen| |and| |Fish| |Basket,| |664| |-| |342| |B.C.|
It was considered important to have at least one boat model in the tomb, often several, and the wealthiest were supplied with fleets. A fishing boat such as this would offer the owner a source of food and the ability to travel in the afterlife, most importantly the dead man would be able to make his pilgrimage to Abydos.
AEA31086. Egyptian funerary boat, 34.5 cm (13.5") long, 17 cm (6/3/4") high, suitable for the finest collection, near Choice, missing bow tip, stern attachment and possibly a sail, one figure missing arms, figures are not attached and arms loosely attached with wood glue (originally pegged and moveable); SOLD

Greek, Magna Grecia, Limestone Relief Frieze of Triton, 4th - 3rd Century B.C.

|Greek| |Antiquities|, |Greek,| |Magna| |Grecia,| |Limestone| |Relief| |Frieze| |of| |Triton,| |4th| |-| |3rd| |Century| |B.C.|
A large, impressive piece! Worthy of the finest collection.

From the collection of Alex G. Malloy, former dealer in antiquities for 40 years.
AZ35502. Frieze of Triton; cf. Pierre Berge & Associates, June 2009, 161 (later date, marble sarcophagus with similar Tritons and Nereids, est. $300,000), Choice, 10 X 13 inches; Triton swimming right with male torso, lower portion of a very long fish body and an upturned tail, riding on him is a Nereid in a chiton with her right arm raised holding a long sail above; some wear but very attractive; SOLD

Egyptian Wood Sokar Hawk, Ptolemaic Period, c. 332 - 30 B.C.

|Egyptian| |Antiquities|, |Egyptian| |Wood| |Sokar| |Hawk,| |Ptolemaic| |Period,| |c.| |332| |-| |30| |B.C.|
Sokar was the Memphite god of the dead and patron of the workers who built the necropolis and tomb and ritual objects, and substances used in mummification. During the Late Period, the combined deity Ptah-Sokar-Osiris, was often represented as a wooden mummiform figure with the regalia of kingship, standing on a miniature sarcophagus, facing a small Sokar hawk at his feet. See Ptah-Sokar-Osiris in NumisWiki for a photograph of a complete piece.
AEA30964. Wood sokar hawk; 16 cm (6 1/4") long, 5.7 cm (1 3/4") tall, original gilding and red, black, and blue gesso pigment with some touch-up restoration; hole in the top of the head originally held a crown, now missing; SOLD


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