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Bimetallic medallion cast in one metal735 viewsCurtis Clay noted: It is a cast. Note the circular line inside the edge on both sides. On the original, that was the dividing line between a red copper center and a brass edge or vice versa, a bimetallic medallion which was apparently considered fancier because of the differing colors of the metals.
On this medallion we can see in the image that the edge and the center are the same yellowish metal. A unimetal bimetallic medallion, because it is a modern cast not an original! Fortunately you cannot cast center and rim in two different metals so as to make your fake more deceptive!
Honorius solidus- Eastern Western mismatch in bronze762 viewsObv.: D N HONORI - VS P F AVG
Bust, facing right, draped and cuirassed, pearl-diademed

Constantinopolis enthroned facing, head r., holding sceptre and Victory on globe, her r. foot on prow; star in left field

Obverse is a Milan type, RIC X 1209 looks the closest (AD 402)
Reverse is Constantinople type from reign of Theodosius, RIC X 201 (AD 408-420)

Honorius, bronze cast of a fake mismatched gold solidus.

Emended by Hydatius
1 commentsJoe Sermarini
Ionia, Smyrna, 2nd century BC533 viewsAR tetradrachm cast in bronze
Turreted head of Kybele right / IMYP NAIΩN in two lines, monogram beneath; all within oak wreath
Sear 4556

Ionia, Smyrna, AR Tetradrachm cast in bronze, 10.26 (vs. c. 16.6 g for authentic example). 33mm. c.160 B.C. Turreted head of Tyche r. Rv. Ethnic within wreath. SNG Berry 1088
Julian 5.jpg
Julian Caesar solidus RIC 8 Antioch 166533 viewsObv: D N IVLIANV - S NOB CAES
Bust: Draped and cuirassed bust, right
Rome and Constantinople enthroned holding a shield bearing an eight-pointed star
Mint: Antioch
Date: 355-361
Ref: RIC 8 Antioch 166

BoC 2 (1977), p. 94; 5 (1980), p. 11 (obverse); 14 (1989), p. 42; 21 (1996/1997), p. 29.

For sale on eBay, October 2007.
Submitted by Hydatius
forgery b.jpg
Lead cast silver washed Dirham1309 viewsCast lead coin that has been silver washed - coin is very heavy and the high points are blurred or soft - silver wash is chipping off all in all a fairly poor forgery.
The coin was purchased on eBay as part of a general collection of coins and the seller was not aware that it was a forgery.
Jeff Weimer
X D.jpg
Maximinus1105 viewsOverstruck on a modern coin.1 commentsTanit
modern fake denari, Julius Caesar604 viewssold on ebay for £77 listed as genuine. made from nickel not silver.
Pertinax denarius - silver cast from a genuine aureus826 viewsCurtis Clay noted on the boards: "This "denarius" is condemned as a cast not only by its appearance, but by the fact that it is struck from aureus not denarius dies. Its obverse die is the same as that of the aureus M&M 66, 1984, 673 in our photofile. But by this time aureus dies had become larger and finer than denarius dies. The two denominations had their own dies and no longer shared them, as they generally had done up until the early years of Domitian's reign. The eBay coin in question is a modern silver cast of an authentic Pertinax aureus."
Pile of Replica Athes Tets825 viewsAthens Owl, Tetradrachm 455 - 449 BC *Reproduction*
Diameter 22-23 mm
Weight: 11 grams
Material: pure tin

Joe Sermarini
Plated645 viewsGordian III, Antoninianus
Brass - silver plated. Thin layer of silver has fallen in some places.
Ilya Prokopov
Silver plate.jpg
Silver Plate vs. Silvering1636 viewsThe top coin is a modern silver plated reproduction. The original type was not, however, silver-plated. It was "silvered." The bottom coin is a genuine silvered antoninianus of Probus. If you have never seen a "silvered" coin in hand it may be difficult to know the difference. But once you have seen a few genuine silvered coins, the difference is clear. Replicating the "silvering" of ancient coins is apparently not an easy task for makers of replicas or forgeries.
Photos courtesy of mostlyclassics.
2 commentsJoe Sermarini
Zeugitana, Carthage, Siculo-Punic, late 5th century BC824 viewsAR tetradrachm made or plated with gold coloured metal
24mm diameter, about 4 mm thick, 11-13 grams
Obv: Horse forepart crowned by Nike flying above.
Rev: Palm tree with two bunches of dates, Phoenician legend.
Sear 6426

Cast replica in wrong metal.
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