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Boars, Sows and Piglets on Ancient Coins

For an interesting article about pigs on coins, see, "This Little Piggy Went to Market: Boars, Hogs, Sows and Piglets on Ancient Coins" by Mike Markowitz in CoinWeek

Roman Republic, Cast Aes Grave, c. 270 B.C.

|before| |211| |B.C.|, |Roman| |Republic,| |Cast| |Aes| |Grave,| |c.| |270| |B.C.||quadrans|
In 270 B.C., Rome's subjugation of Italy was completed by the recapture of Rhegium from the Mamertines and the defeat of the Brutians, the Lucanians, the Calabrians and the Samnites. The town of Rhegium was then restored by the Romans to its original Greek inhabitants.
RR93745. Aes grave (cast) quadrans, Crawford 18/4, Sydenham 18 (rare), HN Italy 282, Russo RBW 21, T/V 11, Haeberlin pl. 36, Vecchi ICC 36, Choice VF, nice dark glossy green patina, weight 79.290 g, maximum diameter 42.4 mm, die axis 0o, Italian mint, c. 270 B.C.; obverse boar running left, mark of value below; reverse boar running right, mark of value below; from the Errett Bishop Collection, 79.290g, 42.4mm!!!; rare; SOLD

Athens, Attica, Greece, c. 340 - 335 B.C., Eleusinian Festival Coinage

|Athens|, |Athens,| |Attica,| |Greece,| |c.| |340| |-| |335| |B.C.,| |Eleusinian| |Festival| |Coinage||AE| |16|
Triptolemus was a demigod of the Eleusinian mysteries who presided over the sowing of grain-seed and the milling of wheat. His name means He who Pounds the Husks. In myth, Triptolemos was one of the Eleusinian princes who kindly received Demeter when she came mourning the loss of her daughter Persephone. The young goddess was eventually returned to her from the Underworld. Demeter, in her munificence, instructed Triptolemos in the art of agriculture and gave him a winged chariot drawn by serpents so that he might travel the world spreading her gift.
SH49956. Bronze AE 16, BMC Attica p. 113, 20; Kroll 38 var. (control mark); SNG Cop 414 (control mark), F, weight 4.006 g, maximum diameter 16.4 mm, die axis 180o, Athens mint, obverse Triptolemos seated left in winged chariot drawn by two serpents, stalk of grain in his right hand; reverse EΛEYΣI, piglet standing right on mystic staff, bee (control symbol) below; ex BCD with his hand-written round tag; SOLD


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