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Chicken Cocks and Hens on Ancient Coins
Ionia, c. 600 - 550 B.C.

|Archaic| |Electrum|, |Ionia,| |c.| |600| |-| |550| |B.C.||1/24| |stater|
The referenced Triton XIV coin is similar, but from different dies, and the only other coin of this type known to Forum.
SH84465. Electrum 1/24 stater, Unpublished in references; Classical Numismatic Group, Triton XIV (4 Jan 2011), lot 309 ($1800 plus fees), VF, well centered on a tight flan, edge cracks, weight 0.630 g, maximum diameter 7.1 mm, Ionia, uncertain mint, c. 600 - 550 B.C.; obverse cock standing left; reverse quadripartite incuse square punch; extremely rare; SOLD

Athens, Attica, Greece, c. 146 - 145 B.C., New Style Tetradrachm

|Athens|, |Athens,| |Attica,| |Greece,| |c.| |146| |-| |145| |B.C.,| |New| |Style| |Tetradrachm||stephanophoric| |tetradrachm|
This issue does not appear to have been struck with letters on the amphora.

Thompson catalog numbers indicate the obverse die. Reverses for each obverse are indicated by a letter. For this obverse die, Thompson does not record a reverse with the control letters EY.
SH54908. Silver stephanophoric tetradrachm, Thompson 131 var. (EY not listed); Svoronos Athens pl. 43, 3 var. (same obverse die, KTH below on rev), VF, rough cleaning, weight 16.647 g, maximum diameter 32.9 mm, die axis 0o, Athens mint, obverse head of Athena Parthenos right, wearing crested helmet ornamented with Pegasos and the fore-parts of four or more horses; reverse A−ΘE, owl standing right on amphora, wings closed, head facing, XAPI left, HPA over cock with palm frond right, EY below, all within olive wreath; areas of light corrosion, flat strike areas; scarce; SOLD


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