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Goats on Ancient Coins
Tarsos, Cilicia, c. 95 - 80 B.C.

|Cilicia|, |Tarsos,| |Cilicia,| |c.| |95| |-| |80| |B.C.||AE| |21|
Sandan was a Hittite-Babylonian sun, storm, or warrior god, also perhaps associated with agriculture. The Greeks equated Sandan with Herakles (Hercules). At Tarsus an annual festival honored Sandan-Herakles, which climaxed when an image of the god was burned on a funeral pyre.
GB97885. Bronze AE 21, BMC Lycaonia p. 180, 111; SNG BnF 1324; SNG Cop 340 var. (different controls); SNG Levante 949 var. (same), aVF, green patina, copper high spots, light earthen deposits, light marks, weight 5.589 g, maximum diameter 21.2 mm, die axis 0o, Tarsos (Tarsus, Mersin, Turkey) mint, c. 95 - 80 B.C.; obverse veiled and turreted head of Tyche right; reverse Sandan cult image standing right on horned and winged animal, on a garlanded base and within a pyramidal pyre surmounted by an eagle, TAPΣEΩN downward on right, KA / MI / monogram (controls) downward in a column on left; from a Norwegian collection; $80.00 (€65.60)

Gallienus, August 253 - September 268 A.D.

|Gallienus|, |Gallienus,| |August| |253| |-| |September| |268| |A.D.||antoninianus|
The infant Jupiter was suckled by the goat Amaltheia on Mount Ida.
RA94179. Billon antoninianus, Göbl MIR 730b, RSC IV 342, RIC V-1 S207, Hunter IV S110, SRCV III 10235, gF, near full legends, ragged oval flan, die wear/cracks, edge cracks, weight 3.032 g, maximum diameter 21.9 mm, die axis 0o, 6th officina, Rome mint, 267 - Sep 268 A.D.; obverse GALLIENVS AVG, radiate head right; reverse IOVI CONS AVG (to Jove protector of the emperor), goat Amaltheia left, S in exergue; $45.00 (€36.90)

Hadrian, 11 August 117 - 10 July 138 A.D., Aegeae, Cilicia

|Hadrian|, |Hadrian,| |11| |August| |117| |-| |10| |July| |138| |A.D.,| |Aegeae,| |Cilicia||tetradrachm|
SH26498. Silver tetradrachm, Prieur 721, SNG Levante 1719, Weber -, gVF, weight 13.522 g, maximum diameter 26.5 mm, die axis 180o, Aegeae mint, 133 - 134 A.D.; obverse AYTOKP KAIΣ TPAIA A∆PIANO ΣEB Π Π, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse ETOYΣ•ΠP• AIΓEAIΩN, eagle standing facing on harpe, wings spread, head turned right, goat in exergue; SOLD


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