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International Shipping of Coin???

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--- Quote from: Curtis JJ on March 14, 2023, 12:30:38 pm ---Looking at the language of the regulations, this also explains the phrase that I sometimes see, "coins over 100 years old."

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I don't see that phrase written on the documentation for the package only "sometimes". I see it a lot, probably about 80-90% of the time I receive a package from overseas. There is one dealer in Italy who uses that phrase 100% of the time. I receive many packages from him, probably more than any other coin dealer. Many times, he will write, "Coins over 100 years old, for study purposes".



--- Quote from: Jay GT4 on March 14, 2023, 08:55:26 pm ---They probably don't want to be too descriptive or else they get "lost"

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Hi Jay,

By "lost", I assume that you imply theft. Yes, that is a good reason to not be too descriptive.

But there is another reason why many overseas coin dealers don't want to be too descriptive, especially the ones in Italy, where there are ridiculous export restrictions. Many of them probably deliberately aren't too descriptive because they are concerned about the package being seized. Consequently, they deliberately use vague descriptions.

I am currently waiting for a shipment from Italy for a few months. I paid for these coins back in November/December 2022. That was almost 4 months ago. The dealer is still waiting for an export license from the Italian government. He has no idea when he will receive permission to ship the coins to me. He can't even provide a time frame. In my email communications with him in the recent past, I suggested that he can move his business to San Marino. But he replied and informed me that he couldn't do that for various reasons.



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