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Ancient coin crossword


I made a crossword puzzle because I've never seen one for ancient coinage and thought it would be fun.  Download and print--no cheating!


Pawel K:
Nice one. Will print it and solve during next week :)

Curtis JJ:
Nick -- I've never been excited about a crossword before, but I LOVE this idea! Printing it out now...  ;D

UPDATE: I'm following the "no cheating" rule so far, and I like the difficulty level. There are ten answers (five across, five down) that I couldn't answer off the top of my head. (Maybe I shouldn't say which ones.) A few will come to me or I'll come across them naturally in the next day's routine reading/writing. But I'll probably have to look up a few (i.e., cheating, I think). After a day or two, assuming I have to cheat on a couple, I think I'll be able to find them in books/catalogs without having to resort to search engines...

This will be a good way to learn a few new things. I hope more will be coming, I'll do as many as can be produced!

U2: Oh! One more while reading my Hess-Leu Jacob Hirsch catalog which just arrived... Nine to go...

I didn’t want it to be too easy but not too hard, either.  Hopefully I’ve struck a balance!  There have to be some easy ones, and with the intersections that helps with the more difficult ones!

Virgil H:
Oh my, how wonderful. Just seeing this as I am way behind here, but trying not to see answers posted on the right. LOL



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