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A coin featured on the page dedicated to MARTI FAVTORI is one of three recorded specimens from the same dies. On this page I illustrate that coin from my personal trays along with the two other recorded specimens; one from the Dinorben (1) excavations in north Wales, the other from the Little Orme hoard (2), also in north Wales. Unfortunately my specimen (3) does not have a find spot recorded.



As previously discussed the style is a little strange and I cannot decide whether they are the product of an unofficial mint or early official examples.

I have another triple die link of Carausius, this time two of the specimens are in my trays. The reverse type is LAETITIA AVG from the unmarked mint and the published example from Bourton-on-the-Water (4) is an obverse and reverse duplicate of my coin (5) and an obverse die duplicate of a Carausius brockage also in my posession (6).


Coins 5 and 6 came from the same dealer in northern England but at different times. Once again there is no find spot for these two coins.

Interestingly both coin 4 and coin 6 show signs of overstriking.