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Please add updates or make corrections to the NumisWiki text version as appropriate.

MOESIA, a country of Europe, between Mount Hemus and the Danube, joining to Pannonia. There were two provinces of Moesia, now called Servia and Bulgaria. The latter (or Upper Moesia) lying towards the Black Sea, and which was subdued by the Romans under L. Piso, during the reign of Augustus, the former (or Lower Moesia) was inhabited by the Getae.

See P. M. S. COL. VIM., Provinciae Moesiae Superioris Colonia Viminacium.----The Roman legions stationed in the Upper Province are honored by one of the large brass of Hadrian, on which, with the legend EXERCITVS MOESIACVS, that Emperor stands on an estrade addressing four soldiers. A visit paid by the same Prince to the province itself is also commemorated on another large bronze medal, inscribed ADVENTVI AVG. MOESIAE, and exhibiting the Emperor and the Province sacrificing at an altar.
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Names of Governors and Legates on the Coins of Moesia Inferior

ΗΓ (Governor), ΥΠ (Consular Legate)

Coins known from Markianopolis (M), Nikopolis ad Istrum (N), both cities (B)

Name Common Inscription Rulers(s) Dates
M. Antonius Zeno (N) ΗΓΕ ΖΗΝΩΝΟC Antoninus Pius, M. Aurelius as Caesar 139 - 144
Claudius Attalus (N) ΗΓΕ ΚΛ ΑΤΤΑΛΟΥ Commodus 184 - 185
Caecilius Maternus (M) ΗΓ ΚΑΙΚ ΜΑΤΕΡΝΟΥ Commodus 187
Caecil. Servilianus (N) ΗΓ ΕΜΟ ΚΑΙΚΙ CΕΡΒΕΙΛΙΑ Commodus 189 - 190
Pollenius Auspex (B) ΥΠ ΑΥCΠΕΚΟC Septimius Severus 193 - 195
Cosconius Gentianus (B) Υ Κ ΓΕΝΤΙΑΝΟΥ Septimius Severus 196
Ovinius Tertullus (N) ΥΠ Α ΟΒΙΝΙ (or ΟΟΥΙΝ) ΤΕΡΤΥΛΛΟΥ Septimius Severus, Julia Domna, Caracalla, Geta, Plautilla 198 - 201
Aurelius Gallus (B) ΥΠ ΑΥΡ ΓΑΛΛΟΥ Severans 201 - 203
Julius Faustinianus (M) Υ Ι ΦΑΥCΤΙΝΙΑΝΟΥ Septimius Severus, Caracalla 207 - 210
Flavius Ulpianus (B) Υ ΦΛ ΟΥΛΠΙΑΝΟΥ Septimius Severus, Julia Domna, Caracalla and Geta 210 - 211
Quintilianus (M) ΥΠ ΚΥΝΤΙΛΙΑΝΟΥ Caracalla, Caracalla and Julia Domna 215
Statius Longinus (N) ΥΠ CΤΑ ΛΟΝΓΙΝΟΥ Macrinus, Diadumenian 217 - 218
P. Fu... Pontianus (B) ΥΠ ΠΟΝΤΙΑΝΟΥ Macrinus, Diadumenian 217 - 218
Marcus Agrippa (B)
ΥΠ ΑΓΡΙΠΠΟΥ Macrinus, Diadumenian 217 - 218
Julius Antonius Seleucus (B) ΥΠ ΙΟΥΛ ΑΝΤ CΕΛΕΥΚΟΥ Elagabalus, Julia Soaemias 218 - 222
Ti. Flavius Novius Rufus (N) ΥΠ ΝΟΒΙΟΥ ΡΟΥΦΟΥ Elagabalus 218 - 222
Sergius Titianus (M) ΥΠ CΕΡΓ ΤΙΤΙΑΝΟΥ Elagabalus, Elagabalus and Julia Maesa 222
Julius Gaetulicus (M) ΥΠ ΙΟΥ ΓΕΤΟΥΛΙΚΟΥ Severus Alexander, Julia Mamaea 222 - 225
Umbrius Tereventinus (M) ΗΓ ΟΥΜ ΤΕΡΕΒΕΝΤΙΝΟΥ Severus Alexander, Julia Mamaea 222 - 225
Tib. Julius Festus (N) ΥΠ ΤΙΒ ΙΟΥΛ ΦΗCΤΟΥ Severus Alexander, Julia Mamaea 225 - 229
Fir. Philopappus (M) ΥΠ ΦΙΡ ΦΙΛΟΠΠΑΠΟΥ Severus Alexander, Julia Mamaea 229 - 235
Tullius Menophilus (M) ΥΠ ΜΗΝΟΦΙΛΟΥ Gordian III, Gordian III and Serapis 238 - 240
Sabinius Modestus (N) ΥΠ CΑΒ ΜΟ∆ΕCTΟΥ Gordian III 241 - 244
Tertullianus (M) ΥΠ ΤΕΡΤΥΛΛΙΑΝΟΥ Gordian III, Tranquillina 241 - 244
Prastina Messallinus (M) ΥΠ ΠΡΑCΤ ΜΕCCΑΛΛΕΙΝΟΥ Philip I, Otacilia Severa, Philip II and Sarapis 244 - 247

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