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VOLUME 1 (1963)

1 With the first number
2 ARIE KINDLER: The Greco-Phoenician Coins struck in Palestine in the time of the Persian Empire, Part I
7 B. OESTREICHER: The Denominations of Ancient Jewish Coins
13 E.W. KLIMOWSKY: Danka and Prutah - About the Migration of Denominations, Part I
16 JOSEPH MEYSHAN: An Unknown Variant and Date of the Judaea Capta Series
17 LEO KADMAN: The Inside Story of the First Banknotes of Israel
21 Coin-Finds
25 ARIE KINDLER: The Greco-Phoenician Coins Struck in Palestine in the time of the Persian Empire, Part II
28 B. OESTREICHER: Attribution of a coin to Caesarea Maritima
29 ARTHUR POLAK: The History of the Jews in Holland as illustrated by Medals
32 LEO KADMAN: Rare and very Rare Coins of Israel
36 DAVID ATSMONY: The Ghetto of Litzmannstadt and its Money
40 Coin-Finds and Discoveries
45 COLIN M. KRAAY: The IVDAEA CAPTA Sestertii of Vespasian
47 H. HEYMANN: Roman Legionary Coins from Phoenicia
52 LEO KADMAN: Coins of Akko as Illustrations to Passages in the Mishna and Talmud
55 ARIE KINDLER: An Unpublished Coin-Type of Nysa Scythopolis and the Problem of the Eras of the City
60 Coin-Finds and Discoveries
65 MICHAEL AVI-YONAH: The Melandra Castle Coin
66 JOSEPH MEYSHAN: An Unknown Portrait Coin of Agrippa I
68 E.W. KLIMOWSKY: Danka and Pruta, Part II
70 OTTO SCHNITZLER: The Syrian Triad on Coins of Akko
75 CH. COLBERT: A Hoard of Medium Bronze Coins of the Bar-Kokhba War
80 ARIE KINDLER: The Byzantine Follis "M" as Ornamental Motif
81 A. PIWOWARCZYK: The Inside Story of the 10 Pfennig Coin from the Ghetto Litzmannstadt

VOLUME 2 (1964)

3 E.W. KLIMOWSKY: Leo Kadman In Memoriam
7 V. CLAIN-STEFANELLI: A New Quarter Shekel of the First Year of the Jewish War
8 Y. MESHORER: Maritime Symbols on Ancient Jewish Coins
11 E.W. KLIMOWSKY: The Cup on the Shekel
15 A. KINDLER: Editorial note to the Cup on the Shekel
16 D. SPERBER: Numismatics and Halacha
19 L.Y. RAHMANI: Two Hoards of Byzantine Coins and a Roman Charm from Khirbet Deir Dassawi
24 A. POLAK: Jewish Medals
37 A. KINDLER: The International Numismatic Convention
43 CHRONICLE: Activities of the Israel Numismatic Society, 1964
44 The Kadman Numismatic Museum
44 Numismatic News
47 A. KARGER: Letter to the Editor
49 Catalogue of the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation Ltd.
55 Y. MESHORER: A New Coin of "Yehud"
56 Y. MESHORER: New Denominations in Ancient Jewish Coins
60 E.W. KLIMOWSKY: The Amphorae on the Coins of the Jewish War
63 D. SPERBER: The "Bronze Shekel"
68 W. WIRGIN: The Plant on the Reverse of the `Thick ' Shekels
71 H. HAMBURGER: A Hoard of Antoniniani of Late Roman Emperors from Tiberias
84 D.M. METCALF: Some Byzantine and Arab-Byzantine Coins from Palaestina Prima
99 L.Y. RAHMANI: A 14th Century Hoard from Tiberias
101 EVA BAER: The Mamluk Coins
108 A. PIWOWARCYK: 10 Pfennig Bank-Notes of the Lodz Ghetto
113 CHRONICLE: Activities of the Israel Numismatic Society
116 The Kadman Numismatic Museum
117 Numismatic News
117 Catalogue of the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation Ltd. (continued)

VOLUME 3 (1965/66)

1 ARNOLD SPAER: A Hoard of Alexander Tetradrachms from Galilee
8 OTTO MORKHOLM: Some Western Seleucid Coins
15 E.W. KLIMOWSKY: Roman Imperial "Virtutes" on Contemporaneous City Coins
27 AVRAHAM NEGEV: The Mampsis (Kurnub) Hoard of Roman and Provincial Silver — A Preliminary Note
32 YA 'AKOV MESHORER: An Enigmatic Arab-Byzantine Coin
37 HELEN W. MITCHELL AND SHALOM LEVY: A Hoard of Gold Dinars from Ramlah
67 L.Y. RAHMANI AND A. SPAER: Stray Finds of Mediaeval Coins from Acre
(a) An apparently Unpublished Coin of Akko - Ptolemais
(b) Some additional apparently Unpublished City Coins
(c) An Axumite Coin from Caesarea
(d) Two Norman Gold Coins from Acre

VOLUME 4 (1980)

2 ARNOLD SPAER: More About Jeroboam
4 OTTO MŘRKHOLM: A Group of Ptolemaic Coins from Phoenicia and Palestine
8 DAN BARAG AND SHRAGA QEDAR: The Beginning of Hasmonean Coinage
22 MICHAEL KRUPP: Some Remarks on the Palm-Branch/Lily Half-Prutah of Alexander Jannaeus
24 ARIE KINDLER: An Unrecorded Hybrid of Antonius Felix
25 JACOB MALTIEL-GERSTENFELD: A Portrait Coin of Berenice Sister of Agrippa II?
27 EMMANUEL DAMATI: Four Bar Kokhba Coins from Khirbet el- 'Aqd
30 DAN BARAG: A Note on the Geographical Distribution of Bar Kokhba Coins
34 DAVID HENDIN: Plated Coins of Bar Kokhba
38 MARCIA SHARABANI: A Medallion of Hadrian
39 RENATE ROSENTHAL-HEGINBOTTOM: The Mampsis Hoard — A Preliminary Report
55 MEIR ROSENBERGER: A New Type of Gaba and a Coin Prepared for a Bar Kokhba Overstriking
56 ARIE KINDLER: Was There A Detachment of the Third Legion Cyrenaica at Neapolis in A.D. 251-253?
59 DONALD T. ARIEL: Coins from the Synagogue at Horvat Kanef - Preliminary Report
63 SHRAGA QEDAR: The Dated Islamic Coinage of Palestine
72 LY. RAHMANI: Two Hoards of 'Moneta Regis ' Coins Found in Northern Israel
77 MICHAEL E. STONE: A Rare Armenian Coin from Jerusalem

VOLUME 5 (1981)

1 ARNOLD SPAER: A New Type of Alexander the Great?
4 YA 'AKOV MESHORER: New Types of Judean Silver Coins
5 OTTO MORKHOLM: Some Coins of Ptolemy V from Palestine
11 YA 'AKOV MESHORER: Again on the Beginning of the Hasmonean Coinage
17 MICHAEL KRUPP AND SHRAGA QEDAR: The Cross on the Coins of King Herod
19 ARIE KINDLER: A Re-Assessment of the Dates of Some Coins of the Roman Procurators of Judaea
22 ALLA STEIN: Some Notes on the Chronology of the Coins of Agrippa I
27 DAN BARAG: Studies on the Coinage of Agrippa II
33 EMMANUEL DAMATI AND ZEEV ERLICH: A Hoard of Denarii and a Tridrachm from Wadi Ed-Daliyeh
38 HARRY ABRAMOWITZ: A Note on Some Retouched Dies of the Bar Kokhba Coinage
44 DAVID HENDIN: Clashed Die Errors in Bar Kokhba Coins
46 L.Y. RAHMANI: Copies of Ancient Coins on Jewellery Ancient and Modern
52 ROGER BLAND: Two Late Roman Hoards from Beth Shean
32 YA 'AKOV MESHORER - An Enigmatic Arab-Byzantine Coin
52 ROGER BLAND: Two Late Roman Hoards from Beth Shean
57 RACHEL BARKAY: An Axumite Coin from Jerusalem
60 AMOS KLONER AND TESSA MINDEL: Two Byzantine Hoards from the Ancient Synagogue of Horvat Rimmon
69 ARIEL BERMAN: Additional Information on the Coinage of Egypt during the Governorship of Muhammad Ibn Tughj Al-Ikhshid
73 MICHAEL METCALF: Burgundian Money in the Latin East
83 DAVID JACOBY: Some Unpublished Seals from the Latin East
89 L.Y. RAHMANI: Two Hoards of `Moneta Regis ' Coins Found in Northern Israel - Addendum

VOLUME 6–7 (1982–3)

Editors ' Foreword
ARIE KINDLER: Welcome Address
1 MICHEL AMANDRY: Monnayages émis en Achaie sous l 'autorité d 'Antoine (40–31)
7 DAN BARAG: Tyrian Currency in Galilee
14 IAN CARRADICE: Coinage in Judaea in the Flavian Period, A.D. 70–96
22 GILES F. CARTER: Chemical Compositions of Copper-Based Roman Coins, VIII. Bronze Coins Minted in Antioch
39 SUSANNE GRUNAUER VON-HOERSCHELMANN: The Severan Emissions of the Peloponnesus
47 CHRISTOPHER HOWGEGO: The Behavior and Function of Greek Imperial Countermarks
59 ANN JOHNSTON: Die Sharing in Asia Minor: The View from Sardis
79 ARIE KINDLER: The Status of Cities in the Syro-Palestinian Area as Reflected by Their Coins
88 ERNST W. KLIMOWSKY: The Origin and Meaning of Marsyas in the Greek Imperial Coinage
102 BROOKS E. LEVY: Kaisar Epibaterios: A Seafarers ' Cult at Alexandria
118 MARTIN PRICE: Crete, Cyrene, and Dio LI1.30.9
128 BLUMA L. TRELL: Phoenician Greek Imperial Coins
142 ALAN S. WALKER: 16 or 18 Assaria, Drachmai and Denarii in Mid Second Century A.D. Athens?

VOLUME 8 (1984–5)

1 RACHEL BARKAY: An Archaic Greek Coin from the `Shoulder of Hinnom ' Excavations in Jerusalem
6 MEIR ROSENBERGER: Two Unpublished Coins of Ascalon
7 JOSEPH SIEVERS: Jonathan Aristobulus III and Hasmonean Names
9 ALLA STEIN: The Undated Coins of Agrippa II under Nero
12 HOWARD B. BRIN: A Rare Judaea Capta Sestertius
14 HERBERT A. CAHN: An Imperial Mint in Bithynia
27 LEO MILDENBERG: The Bar Kokhba War in the Light of the Coins and Document Finds 1947–1982
33 LEO MILDENBERG: A Bar Kokhba Didrachm
37 YA 'AKOV MESHORER: The Coins of Caesarea Paneas
59 CHRISTOPHER J. HOWGEGO: The Relationship of the Issar to the Denar in Rabbinic Literature
65 SHRAGA QEDAR: A Hoard of Monetary Reform Fulus
76 SIMON BENDALL: A Gold Coin of Muhammad Ibn Tughj Al-Ikhshid
77 MICHAEL METCALF: A Twelfth-Century Hoard from the Sea Dated by Coins of Raymond of Poitiers
84 ROBERTO PESANT: Comments on the Attribution of a Rare Coin of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

VOLUME 9 (1988–9)

1 ARNOLD SPAER: Jaddua the High Priest?
4 DAN BARAG: A Silver Coin of Yohanan the High Priest and the Coinage of Judea in the Fourth Century B.C.
22 ARTHUR HOUGHTON: A Didrachm Issue of Antiochus VI of Byblus
26 RACHEL BARKAY: A New Variant of a Coin of Alexander II Zebinas
27 WAYNE MOORE: A Bronze Half-Unit of Cleopatra Thea and Antiochus VIII from Akko-Ptolemais
29 SHRAGA QEDAR: Two Lead Weights of Herod Antipas and Agrippa II and the Early History of Tiberias
36 ROBERT DEUTSCH: A Portrait Coin of Agrippa II Reconsidered
38 HERBERT KREINDLER: The Application of SEM for Authentication of an Important Find of Year Five Shekels of the Jewish War
46 ARIE KiNDLER: Coins and Remains from a Mobile Mint of Bar Kokhba at Khirbet el- 'Aqd
51 HANAN ESHEL: A Coin of Bar Kokhba from a Cave in Wadi el-Mackuk
53 GIDEON FOERSTER AND YORAM TSAFRIR: Nysa-Scythopolis - A New Inscription and the Titles of the City on its Coins
59 YA 'AKOV MESHORER: The Coins of Dora
73 KEVIN BUTCHER: Two Related Coinages of the Third Century A.D.: Philippopolis and Samosata
85 ROGER BLAND: The Last Issue of Gallienus from the Mint of Antioch
91 SIMON BENDALL: A Note On "An Axumite Coin from Jerusalem"

VOLUME 10 (1988–9)

3 RACHEL MILSTEIN: A Hoard of Early Arab Figurative Coins
27 SHRAGA QEDAR: Copper Coinage of Syria in the Seventh and Eighth Century A.D.
40 DAN BARAG: The Islamic Candlestick Coins of Jerusalem
49 LUDVIK KALUS: A propos des trésors monetaires du début de l 'Islam trouvés dans les territoires musulmans
58 NORMAN D. NICOL: Islamic Coinage in Imitation of Fatimid Types
71 JERE L. BACHARACH: The Coinage of Kafur: A Cautionary Tale
80 MICHAEL BROOME: Questions Raised by the New 'Dirham ' Coinages of the 6th Century of the Hijra
88 B. THOMAS CURTIS: Salah-ad-Din and the Jazirah Campaigns of A.H. 578 and A.H. 581: The Evidence of the Figured Coins
98 DAVID J. WASSERSTEIN: Notes on Spanish and North African Coins in the Paul Balog Collection in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
113 P.N. SINGH: Coins Bearing the Names of Muhammad Bin Sam and Prithviraja III: A Reappraisal
117 NITZAN AMITAI-PREISS and REUVEN AMITAI-PREISS: Two Notes on the Protocol on Hülegü 's Coinage
129 SHIMON DAR and ARIE KINDLER: The Coins from the Mamluk Enclosure at Nebi Hazuri
137 ABRAHAM H. LEVY: The Making of Coin Dies

VOLUME 11 (1990-1)

4 ROBERT DEUTSCH: Six Unrecorded `Yehud ' Silver Coins
7 HANAN ESHEL: A Philisto-Arabian Coin from Sha 'albim
9 LEO MILDENBERG: Notes on the Coin Issues of Mazday
24 MARTIN PRICE: A Hoard of Tetradrachms from Jericho
26 ARTHUR HOUGHTON: Two Late Seleucid Lead Issues from the Levant
32 DAVID HENDIN: New Discovery on a Coin of Herod I
33 DAVID AMIT AND HANAN ESHEL: A Tetradrachm of Bar Kokhba from a Cave in Nahal Hever
36 HAIM GITLER: Numismatic Evidence on the Visit of Marcus Aurelius to the East
52 DAN BARAG: Some Rare and Unpublished Coins of Aelia Capitolina
61 ARIE KINDLER: The Coins of Antipatris
72 RACHEL BARKAY: A New Coin Type of Dionysos from Canatha
77 MEIR ROSENBERGER: Unpublished and Rare City Coins
81 ROGER BLAND: A Hoard of Syrian Tetradrachms of the Third Century A.D. from Trans-Jordan
89 A.D.H. BIVAR: A Sasanian Persian Seal-Matrix of Yazdgird I (A.D. 399–420)
94 NITZAN AMITAI-PREISS: Some Arab-Byzantine and Umayyad Coins from the Hebrew University Collection
100 DAVID J. WASSERSTEIN: Two Notes on the Coinages of the 'Abbasids of Seville
104 YA 'AKOV MESHORER: Ancient Jewish Coinage - Addendum I

VOLUME 12 (1992-3)

1 DAN BARAG: New Evidence on the Foreign Policy of John Hyrcanus I
13 ALLA KUSHNIR-STEIN AND HAIM GITLER: Numismatic Evidence from Tel Beer-Sheva and the Beginning of Nabatean Coinage
21 RACHEL BARKAY: The Marisa Hoard of Seleucid Tetradrachms Minted in Ascalon
27 SHRAGA QEDAR: The Coins of Marisa: A New Mint
34 DANNY SYON: The Coins from Gamala — Interim Report
56 KENNETH K.A. LÖNNQVIST: New Vistas on the Countermarked Coins of the Roman Prefects of Judaea
71 ROBERT DEUTSCH: A Unique Prutah from the First Year of the Jewish War Against Rome
73 ARIEH KINDLER: A Bar Kokhba Coin used as a Charity Token
76 MARTIN PRICE: The First Year of Coinage at Raphia
80 G.S.P. FREEMAN-GRANVILLE: Jerusalem, Aksum and Aachen
87 DAVID J. WASSERSTEIN: Some Newly Acquired Islamic Coins from Al-Andalus and North Africa in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem: The Navon Gift
91 YA 'AKOV MESHORER: A Bronze Coin of Baldwin I King of Jerusalem
94 D.M. METCALF AND L. HOLLAND: Crusader Coins from Caesarea Maritima

VOLUME 13 (1994-9)

4 R. BARKAY: A Bibliography of Arie Kindler
15 L.MILDENBERG: A Note on the Persian Great King Wearing the Jagged Crown
25 R.DEUTSCH: Five Unrecorded 'Yehud ' Silver Coins
27 D. BARAG: The coinage of Yehud and the Ptolemies
39 G. BIJOVSKY: A Coin of Demetrius I from Akko-Ptolemais
46 H.GITLER AND A.KUSHNIR-STEIN: The Chronology of a Late Ptolemaic Bronze Coin-Type from Cyprus
54 R. BARKAY: Coins of Roman Governors Issued by Nysa-Scythopolis in the Late Republican Period
63 D.HENDIN: Four New Jewish Lead Coins or Tokens
66 D. BARAG and S. QEDAR: A Countermark of the Legio Quinta Scytica from the Jewish War
70 H. ESHEL and B. ZISSU: Roman Coins from the 'Cave of the Sandal ' West of Jericho
78 J. JANAI: A Find of Bar Kokhba Coins from the Al Midya Ar-Ras Area
83 T.S. RICHTER: A Hitherto Unknown Coin of Ascalon
86 Y. MESHORER: Two New Coin Types of Antipatris
90 Z.U. MA‘OZ: Coin and Temple - The Case of Caesarea Philippi-Paneas
103 W. HAHN: Touto Arese Te Chora - St. Cyril 's Holy Cross Cult in Jerusalem and Aksumite Coin Typology
118 M.A. METLICH: Another Heraclius Follis from Jerusalem
119 C. FOSS: The Coinage of Syria in the Seventh Century: The Evidence of Excavations
133 N. AMITAI-PRICE, A. BERMAN and S. QEDAR: The Coinage of Scythopolis-Baisan and Gerasa-Jerash
152 D. WASSERSTEIN: The Earliest Dated Coin of Taj al-Dawla of Saragossa
156 D.M. METCALF and L. HOLLAND: Crusader Coins from Caesarea Maritima (Part 2)
163 D. SYON: A Crusader Token Mould from Akko

VOLUME 14 (2000-2)

9 S. QEDAR: Tissaphernes at Dor?
15 S.M. HURTER: A New Lycian Coin Type:Kherei, Not Kuperlis
19 G. CHAYA: The Samarian Greek Gorgoneion Coin Series
26 M. HUTH: Beyond Gaza: Two South Arabian Problems
34 H. GITLER and C.C. LORBER: Small Silver Coins of Ptolemy I
43 S. GERSON: A Newly Discovered Ptolemaic Coin of Yehud
44 A. HOUGHTON and C.C. LORBER: Antiochus III in Coele-Syria and Phoenicia
59 D. BARAG: The Mint of Antiochus IV in Jerusalem, Numismatic Evidence on the Prelude to the Maccabean Revolt
78 A. KUSHNIR-STEIN: Some Observations on Palestinian Coins with a Bevelled Edge
84 D. HERMAN: Certain Iturean Coins and the Origin of the Heliopolitan Cult
99 D.T. ARIEL: The Jerusalem Mint of Herod the Great: A Relative Chronology
125 R. DEUTSCH: A Lead Weight of Hadrian: The Prototype for the Bar Kokhba Weights
129 J.C. KAUFMAN: Additions to the Corpus of Leo Mildenberg 's Coinage of the Bar Kokhba War
153 D. BARAG D: Two Mints of the Bar Kokhba War
157 B. ZISSU and H. ESHEL: The Geographical Distribution of Coins from the Bar Kokhba War
168 H. ESHEL and B. ZISSU: Coins from the el-Jai Cave in Nahal Mikhmash (Wadi Suweinit)
176 A. KINDLER: Was Aelia Capitolina Founded before or after the Outbreak of the Bar Kokhba War? A Numismatic Evidence
180 D. HENDIN: A Bar Kokhba Lamp Hoard Collection
185 R. BARKAY: Rare and Unpublished Coins from the Bank Israel Numismatic Collection
189 R. BARKAY: The Emergence of the Syrian Arched Gable on Temple Facades
191 A. LICHTENBERGER: Reading a Hitherto Lost Line and the Location of the Naumachia at Gadara
194 Y. MESHORER: A Samaritan Syncretistic Passover Sacrifice on a Coin of Neapolis
196 G. BIJOVSKY: The Currency of the Fifth Century C.E. in Palestine-Some Reflections in the Light of the Numismatic Evidence
211 D. SYON: A Hoard of Byzantine Solidi from Hurvat Kab
224 N. AMITAI-PREISS: Umayyad Coin Hoards from the Beth Shean Excavations of the Hebrew University
239 D.M. METCALF: The Metrology of the Amalricus Deniers of Jerusalem in the Early Thirteenth Century
245 A. EIDELSTEIN: A New Seal of the Frankish Lords of Caesarea Maritima
248 Y. MESHORER: The Visit of Kaiser Wilhelm II to Jerusalem in Commemorative Coins and Medals
260 R. KOOL: The Rediscovery of G.F.Hill 's Original Plates of BMC Palestine and Phoenicia in Jerusalem



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