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Ancient Coin Collecting 101
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Anonymous Folles
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Antioch Officinae
Armenian Numismatics Page
Byzantine Denominations
A Cabinet of Greek Coins
Caesarean and Actian Eras
Campgates of Constantine
A Case of Counterfeits
Byzantine Christian Themes
Clashed Dies
Coins of Pontius Pilate
Conditions of Manufacture
Corinth Coins and Cults
Countermarked in Late Antiquity
Danubian Celts
Damnatio Coinage
Damnatio Memoriae
Denarii of Otho
Diameter 101
Die Alignment 101
Dictionary of Roman Coins
Doug Smith's Ancient Coins
Edict on Prices
ERIC - Rarity Tables
Etruscan Alphabet
The Evolving Ancient Coin Market
Facing Portrait of Augustus
Fel Temp Reparatio
Fertility Pregnancy and Childbirth
Friend or Foe
The Gallic Empire
Gallienus Zoo
Greek Alphabet
Greek Coins
Greek Dates
Greek Coin Denominations
Greek Mythology Link
Greek Numismatic Dictionary
Hellenistic Names & their Meanings
Hasmonean Dynasty
Helvetica's ID Help Page
The Hexastyle Temple of Caligula
Historia Numorum
Horse Harnesses
Identifying Ancient Metal Arrowheads
Illustrated Ancient Coin Glossary
Important Collection Auctions
Islamic Rulers and Dynasties
Julian II: The Beard and the Bull
Julius Caesar - The Funeral Speech
Kushan Coins
People in the Bible Who Issued Coins
Imperial Mints of Philip the Arab
Later Roman Coinage
Latin Plurals
Latin Pronunciation
Library of Ancient Coinage
Life in Ancient Rome
List of Kings of Judea
Malloy Weapons
Maps of the Ancient World
Military Belts
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Nabataean Alphabet
Nabataean Numerals
The [Not] Cuirassed Elephant
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Parthian Coins
Patina 101
Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet
Phoenician Alphabet
Pi-Style Athens Tetradrachms
Pricing and Grading Roman Coins
Reading Judean Coins
Representations of Alexander the Great
Roman Coin Attribution 101
Roman Militaria
Roman Mints
Roman Names
Rome and China
Satyrs and Nymphs
Serdi Celts
The Sign that Changed the World
Silver Content of Parthian Drachms
Star of Bethlehem Coins
Statuary Coins
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum
Syracusian Folles
Taras Drachms with Owl Left
The Temple Tax
The Temple Tax Hoard
Test Cut
Travels of Paul
Tribute Penny
Tribute Penny Debate Continued (2015)
Tribute Penny Debate Revisited (2006)
Tyrian Shekels
Uncleaned Ancient Coins 101
Venus Cloacina
What I Like About Ancient Coins
Who was Trajan Decius
Widow's Mite

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Kings and Dynasts

Abdissares, Armenia
Abd Sasan, Paphlagonia
Abgarus VIII, Mesopotamia
Abinerglos, Soter, Characene
Abyatha, Arabia
Achaeus, Syria
Acrosandrus, Thrace
Adaeus, Macedon
Adherbal, Numidia
Adinnerglos, Soter, Characene
Adobogiona, Paphlagonia
Adramelek, Syria
Aelis, Thrace
AŰropus, Macedon
Agathocleia, Bactria
Agathocles, Bactria
Agathocles, Sicily
Agrippa I, Syria
Agrippa II, Syria
Ainel, Syria
Ajax, Cilicia
Akas, Pontus
─khib, Lycia
─kuvami, Lycia
Aleuas, Thessaly
Alexander, Epirus
Alexander I, Macedon
Alexander I, Syria
Alexander II, Macedon
Alexander II, Syria
Alexander II, Syria
Alexander IV, Macedon
Alexander Jannaeus, Syria
Alexander of Pherae, Thessaly
Alexander the Great, Macedon
Alexander V, Macedon
Alexandra Salome, Syria
Alyattes, Lydia
Amadocus II, Thrace
Amyntas, Bactria
Amyntas, Galatia
Amyntas II, Macedon
Amyntas III, Macedon
Antialcidas, Bactria
Antigonus, Macedon
Antigonus, Syria
Antigonus Doson, Macedon
Antigonus Gonatas, Macedon
Antimachus, Bactria
Antimachus II, Bactria
Antiochus Hierax, Syria
Antiochus I, Syria
Antiochus I, Syria
Antiochus II, Syria
Antiochus III, Syria
Antiochus IV, Syria
Antiochus IV, Syria
Antiochus IX, Syria
Antiochus V, Syria
Antiochus VI, Syria
Antiochus VII, Syria
Antiochus VIII, Syria
Antiochus X, Syria
Antiochus XI, Syria
Antiochus XII, Syria
Antonia Tryphaena, Pontus
Apodacus, Characene
Apollodotus, Bactria
Apollophanes, Bactria
Archebius, Bactria
Archelaus, Cappadocia
Archelaus I, Macedon
Aretas III , Arabia
Aretas IV, Arabia
Ariaramnes, Cappadocia
Ariarathes I, Cappadocia
Ariarathes II, Cappadocia
Ariarathes III, Cappadocia
Ariarathes IV, Cappadocia
Ariarathes IX, Cappadocia
Ariarathes V, Cappadocia
Ariarathes VI, Cappadocia
Ariarathes VII, Cappadocia
Ariarathes VIII, Cappadocia
Ariarathes X, Cappadocia
Ariobarzanes I, Cappadocia
Ariobarzanes I, Pontus
Ariobarzanes II, Cappadocia
Ariobarzanes III, Cappadocia
Aristarchus, Colchis
Aristobulus, Syria
Arsames, Armenia
Artabazus, Characene
Artavasdes I, Armenia
Artavasdes III, Armenia
Artaxias, Armenia
Artemidorus, Bactria
Asander, Pontus
Aspurgus, Pontus
Attalus I, Mysia
Attalus II, Mysia
Attalus III, Mysia
Attambelos I, Characene
Attambelos II, Characene
Attambelos III, Characene
Attambelos IV, Characene
Audoleon, Macedon
Azbaal, Syria
Ballaeus, Illyricum
Bastareus, Macedon
Bergaeus, Thrace
Bocchus I, Numidia
Bocchus II, Numidia
Bod 'ashtart, Syria
Bogud I, Numidia
Bogud II, Numidia
Brogitarus, Galatia
Calliope, Bactria
Canites, Thrace
Cassander, Macedon
Cavarus, Thrace
Cersibaulus, Thrace
Cersobleptes, Thrace
Cetriporis, Thrace
Charaspes, Thrace
Cleopatra, Numidia
Cleopatra, Syria
Cleopatra III, Egypt
Cleopatra VII, Egypt
Coson, Thrace
Cotys, Thrace
Cotys I, Pontus
Cotys I, Thrace
Cotys II, Pontus
Cotys III, Pontus
Cotys III, Thrace
Cotys IV, Thrace
Croesus, Lydia
Deiotarus, Paphlagonia
Deiotarus I, Galatia
Demetrius, Bactria
Demetrius, Macedon
Demetrius I, Syria
Demetrius II, Macedon
Demetrius II, Syria
Demetrius II, Syria
Demetrius III, Syria
Demetrius Poliorcetes, Macedon
Diodotus, Bactria
Diomedes, Bactria
Dionysius, Bactria
Dixatelmeus, Thrace
Docimus, Macedon
Dropion, Macedon
Dynamis, Pontus
Elpaal, Syria
Eminacus, Thrace
Enylus, Syria
Epander, Bactria
Epiphanes and Callinicus, Syria
Eshmun 'azar, Syria
Euagoras II of Salamis, Syria
Eucratides, Bactria
Eumenes I, Mysia
Eumenes II, Mysia
Eupator, Pontus
Eurysthenes, Ionia
Euthydemus I, Bactria
Euthydemus II, Bactria
Genthius, Illyricum
Gepaepyris, Pontus
Getas, Macedon
Gorgion, Ionia
Gulussa, Numidia
Hebryzelmis, Thrace
Hecatomnus, Caria
Heliocles, Bactria
Hermaeus, Bactria
Herod, Syria
Herod Agrippa I, Syria
Herod Antipas, Syria
Herod Archelaus, Syria
Herod Philip II, Syria
Herod the Great, Syria
Hidrieus, Caria
Hiempsal II, Numidia
Hippostratus, Bactria
Hygiaenon, Pontus
Hyspaosines, Characene
Ininthimeus, Pontus
Interval, Macedon
Iotape, Syria
John Hyrcanus I, Syria
John Hyrcanus II, Syria
Juba I, Numidia
Juba II, Numidia
Judas Aristobulus, Syria
Jugurtha, Numidia
Laodice, Pontus
Leucon II or III, Pontus
Lycceius, Macedon
Lysanias, Syria
Lysias, Bactria
Lysimachus, Thrace
Malichus I, Arabia
Malichus II, Arabia
Masinissa, Numidia
Mastanesosus, Numidia
Mausolus, Caria
Mazaeus, Syria
Menander, Bactria
Metocus, Thrace
Micipsa, Numidia
Mithradates, Pontus
Mithradates I, Pontus
Mithradates I, Syria
Mithradates II, Pontus
Mithradates III, Pontus
Mithradates IV, Pontus
Mithradates Philhellen Philoromaios, Syria
Mithradates V, Pontus
Mithradates VI, Pontus
Molon, Syria
Monunius, Illyricum
Morphilig, Armenia
Mosses, Macedon
Mostis, Thrace
Nicarchus, Macedon
Nicias, Bactria
Nicomedes I, Bithynia
Nicomedes II, Bithynia
Nicomedes III, Bithynia
Nicomedes IV, Bithynia
Oata, Ionia
Obodas II, Arabia
Obodas III, Arabia
Orabzes, Characene
Orontas, Ionia
Orontobates, Caria
Orophernes, Cappadocia
Orsoaltius, Thrace
Paerisades, Pontus
Pantaleon, Bactria
Patraus, Macedon
Pausanias, Macedon
Perdiccas II, Macedon
Perdiccas III, Macedon
Perseus, Macedon
Peucolaus, Bactria
Pharnabazus, Ionia
Pharnaces I, Pontus
Pharnaces II, Pontus
Pharsanzes, Pontus
Pharzo´us, Thrace
Phile(mon ?), Thrace
Philetaerus, Mysia
Phile(tas ?), Thrace
Philip II, Macedon
Philip III, Macedon
Philip IV, Macedon
Philippus, Syria
Philip V, Macedon
Philopator, Cilicia
Philoxenus, Bactria
Pixodarus, Caria
Plato, Bactria
Polemo I, Pontus
Polemo II, Pontus
Polyxenus, Bactria
Procles I, Ionia
Prusias I, Bithynia
Prusias II, Bithynia
Ptolemy, Numidia
Ptolemy Apion, Egypt
Ptolemy I, Egypt
Ptolemy II, Egypt
Ptolemy III, Egypt
Ptolemy IV, Egypt
Ptolemy IX, Egypt
Ptolemy, son of Mennaeus, Syria
Ptolemy V, Egypt
Ptolemy VI, Egypt
Ptolemy VII, Egypt
Ptolemy VIII, Egypt
Ptolemy X, Egypt
Ptolemy XI, Egypt
Ptolemy XII, Egypt
Ptolemy XIII, Egypt
Ptolemy XIV, Egypt
Ptolemy XVI, Egypt
Pylaemenes II, Paphlagonia
Pyrrhus, Epirus
Pyrrhus, Macedon
Pythodoris, Pontus
Rabbel II, Arabia
Rhadamsades, Pontus
Rhaescuporis, Thrace
Rhescuporis I, Pontus
Rhescuporis II, Pontus
Rhescuporis III, Pontus
Rhescuporis IV, Pontus
Rhescuporis V, Pontus
Rhescuporis VI, Pontus
Rhoemetalces, Pontus
Rhoemetalces I, Thrace
Rhoemetalces II, Thrace
Rhoemetalces III, Thrace
Rhoontopates, Caria
Sadales, Thrace
Salome, Syria
Samma..., Thrace
Samos, Syria
Saratocus, Thrace
Sarias, Thrace
Saumacus, Thrace
Sauromates I, Pontus
Sauromates II, Pontus
Sauromates III, Pontus
Sauromates IV, Pontus
Scilurus, Thrace
Scostoces, Thrace
Seleucus I, Syria
Seleucus II, Syria
Seleucus III, Syria
Seleucus IV, Syria
Seleucus, son of Antiochus I, Syria
Seleucus VI, Syria
Seuthes I, Thrace
Seuthes III, Thrace
Simon Maccabaeus, Syria
Sophytes, Bactria
Sparadocus, Thrace
Spartocus, Pontus
Spithridates, Ionia
Spoces, Thrace
Strato, Syria
Strato I, Bactria
Strato I (ĹAbd 'ashtart), Syria
Strato II, Bactria
Strato II, Syria
Synges, Pontus
Syphax, Numidia
Tarcondimotus I Philantonius, Cilicia
Teiranes, Pontus
Telephus, Bactria
Tennes, Syria
Teres III, Thrace
Themistocles, Ionia
Theonneses II, Characene
Theonneses III, Characene
Theonneses I, Soter, Euergetes, Characene
Theophilus, Bactria
Thothorses, Pontus
Tigranes, Syria
Tigranes I, Armenia
Tigranes II, Armenia
Tigranes III, Armenia
Timarchus, Syria
Tiraeus II, Soter, Euergetes, Characene
Tissaphernes, Ionia
T. Quinctius Flamininus, Macedon
Tryphon, Syria
Vermina, Numidia
Xerxes, Armenia
Zariadres, Armenia
Zenodorus, Syria
ZiaŰlas, Bithynia
Zipoetes I, Bithynia
Zoilus, Bactria
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