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American Journal of Numismatics

American Journal of Numismatics, First Series, 1866-1924

The American Journal of Numismatics, established in 1866, was the first periodical of the American Numismatic Society. The first AJN published notices and minutes from meetings of the Society and included papers delivered at these gatherings; however, at this early stage the content of the journal was directed more towards coin collectors than scholars. The ANS discontinued publication of the "first series" in 1924. Museum Notes was then introduced in 1945, performing a similar function to that of the first series of the AJN, but with a greater scholarly emphasis. Museum Notes was in turn succeeded by the second series of the American Journal of Numismatics in 1989. The first series was published: monthly from May 1866-April 1870; quarterly from July 1870-October 1912; and annually from 1913-1924.

American Journal of Numismatics, Second Series, 1989-present

The second series of the American Journal of Numismatics is the successor to Museum Notes. This publication continues as a scholarly journal containing articles on numismatic topics, book reviews, and obituaries of notable figures in the field. The second series of the AJN has been published: annually from 1989-1990; bi-annually from 1991-96; and annually from 1997-present.

ANS American Journal of Numismatics 3-4 (1992)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1992, 270 pages, 17 plates, blue cardcover.

Includes following articles:

Adams, John W. The Virginia Happy While United Medal
Callatay F. de. Athenian new style tetradrachms in Macedonian hoards
Esty, Warren W. The distribution of the numbers of coins struck by dies.
Browne, Gerald M. A new coin legend for Prakasaditya.
Doty, Richard G. Juaristas, imperialistas, and centavos : decimalization and civil war in Mexico, 1857-1870.
Carter, Giles F. Calculation of the average die lifetimes and the number of anvils for coinage in antiquity
Elayi, J. The first coinage of Sidon with a galley bearing the so-called triangular sail.
Nawotka, Krzystof. Asander of the Bosporus : his coinage and chronology.
Lasser, Joseph R. The cobs of Cartagena, 1622-1655.
Metcalf, D. M. Sixth-century Visigothic metrology : some evidence from Portugal.
Kürkman, Garo A divani dated coin of 567 of the Manguchakids
Munro-Hay, Stuart. Forgeries of the Aksumite series.
Waldman, Louis. Varrone d 'Agniolo Belferdino 's commemorative medal of an unknown lady.
Book Reviews

ANS American Journal of Numismatics 5-6 (1993-94)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1995, 274 pages, 28 plates, blue cardcover.

Several articles on ancient numismatics, including:

- Mildenberg, Leo.  The Cyzicenes: A Reappraisal
- Hersh, Charles  and Hyla Troxell.  A 1993 Hoard of Alexander Drachms from the Near East
- Draganov, Dimitri, Arthur Houghton and Wayne Moore: Four Seleucid Notes.
- Cerutti, Steven. BrutusCyprus, and the Coinage of 55 B.C.
- Kos, Peter. Festive Issues of Galerius from the Tetrarchic Mint of Siscia
- Evans, Jane DeRose. Heraclian Countermarks on Coins Found at Caesarea,
- Malek, Hodge Mehdi. The Dbyid Ispahbads of abaristn" (a very important work on post-Sasanian Coinage),
- Brown, Gerald. New Readings of Legends on Gupta Gold Dinaras.
- Stahl, Alan and Louis Waldman. The Erliest Known Medalists: The Sesto Brothers of Venice
- Stahl, Alan. Coins from the Excavations at La Isabela, Dominican Republic, the First European Colony in the New World
- Turner, A.J. A Seventeenth Century Calendar Scale for Medals and Mathematical Instruments

ANS American Journal of Numismatics 7-8 (1995-6)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1995-96, 313 pages, 32 plates, blue cardcover.

Includes following articles:

- Ierardi, Michael. The Tetradrachms of Agothakles of Syracuse: A Preliminary Study (75 pages long!)
- Sellwood, David. The "Victory" Drachms of Phraates IV
- Dobbins, Ed. Countermarked Characene Tetradrachms of Attambelos IV
- McAlee, Richard. Vespasian 's Syrian Provincial Coinage
- Carter, Giles. The Chronology of Augustan Asses and Quadrantes Determined from Chemical Compositions.
- Keyser, Paul T. Greco-Roman Alchemy and Coins of Imitation Silver 
-  Nercessian, Y.T. Two Silver Coins of Gosdantin III of Cilician Armenia
- Aykut, Nezihi. Some Coins of Mas 'ud I, Qilijarslan II, and the Maliks

ANS American Journal of Numismatics 9 (1997)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1997, 159 pages, 7 plates, blue card covers.

- Arthur Houghton: Some Seleucid Test Pieces
- Kevin Butcher and Matthew Ponting: A Study of the Chemical Composition of Roman Silver Coinage, A.D. 196-97
- Gerald Browne: The Elephant-Rider Dinaras of Kumaragupta I
- Touraj Daryaee: The Use of Religio-Political Propaganda on the Coinage of Xusro II
- T.V. Buttrey: False Western American Gold Bars
- Elizabeth M. Nuxoll: A Generation of Numismatic Co-operation: Findings on the Notes and Coins of the Confederation through the Papers of Robert Morris
- S. E. Buttrey and T. V. Buttrey: Calculating ancient coin production, again.

ANS American Journal of Numismatics Vol. 10 (1998) (AJN 10)

The American Numismatic Society, 1998, 157 pages, 12 plates with coins. Blue cloth, NEW copy.

Includes following articles:

- Carthaginian coinage in perspective / Paolo Visona
- Iconography of the control marks on the Alexander issues of Soli, Cyprus / James A. Schell.
- The Phoenicia 1997 hoard of Alexander-type tetradrachms / Charles A. Hersh
- The reign and chronology of the archon Hygiaenon / Elena Stolyarik.
- Notes on some imitation drachms of Demetrius I Soter from Commagene / O. D. Hoover.
- The letters IAAG [iota alpha alpha gamma] on some coins of Abila and Gadara / Getzel M. Cohen.
- A new variety of a Roman provincial tetradrachm from Neapolis / Jay M. Galst.
- A hoard of early Byzantine glass weights from Sardis / Mary Margaret Fulghum and Florent Heintz.
- Three notes on Gupta coin legends / Gerald M. Browne.
- Pre-Kushana coins in Pakistan by Osmund Boppearachchi and Aman-Ur Rahman ...[et al] [book review].

ANS American Journal of Numismatics Vol. 11 (1999) (AJN 11)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1999. 184 pages, 9 plates, blue cloth.

Includes following articles:

- Kool, Robert: A Fatimid amulet-box with European and Islamic coins from the eleventh century. 
- McAlee, Richard G.: The Livia hoard of pseudo-Philip tetradrachms.
- Kleeberg, John M. From regional to national gold circulation patterns: the evidence of the Hull, Texas (1936) hoard.
- Hodder, Michael: Western American gold and unparted bars: a review of the evidence.
- Schwartz, James H. Engraved gems in the collection of the American Numismatic Society II: Intaglios with Eros.

ANS American Journal of Numismatics Vol. 12 (2000) (AJN 12)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 2000.  Blue cloth.

Includes following articles:

- Sears, Stuart D. An 'Abbasid revolution hoard from the Western Jazira (al-Raqqa?).
- Beckmann, Martin. The early gold coinage of Trajan 's sixth consulship.
- Book Review: Rutter, N. K. The Greek coinages of southern Italy and Sicily - review by Carmen Arnold-Biucchi.
- Book Review: Carradice, Ian. Greek coins - review by Carmen Arnold-Biucchi.
- Arslan, Melih. A hoard of unpublished bronze coins of Ptolemy Ceraunus.
- Thomas, Michael L. An imitative unsealed semis from Northern Etruria.
- Woods, David. Julian, Gallienus, and the solar bull.
- Lorber, Catharine C. Large Ptolemaic bronzes in third-century Egyptian hoards.
- Schultz, Warren C. A Mamluk bronze weight in the Israel Museum, with further comments on this rare metrological species.
- Warren C. Schultz and Haim Gitler. Schell, James A. Observations on the metrology of the precious metal coinage of Philip II of Macedon: the "Thraco-Macedonian" standard or the Corinthian standard?
- Book Review: Grierson, Philip. Medieval European coinage, with a catalogue of the coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. 14, Italy (III). (South Italy, Sicily, Sardinia) review by William R. Day, Jr.
- Van Alfen, Peter. The "owls" from the 1973 Iraq hoard.
- Book Reveiw: Metcalf, William E. Sylloge nummorum graecorum. France 4 - review by William E. Metcalf.
- Kleeberg, John M. Three notes on the private gold coinage of the United States.
- Saryan, Levon A. An unpublished silve double tram of Gosdantin I (1298-1299), king of Cilician Armenia.
- Kritt, Brian. Three Seleucid notes.
- Book Review: Catalogue of the Byzantine coins in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection and in the Whittemore Collection. Vol. 5, Michael VIII to Constantine XI, 1258-1453 - review by Robert Hallman.
- Rachootin, Sterling A. Dealing with the slavery issue.

ANS American Journal of Numismatics Vol. 13 (2001) (AJN 13)

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 2001.  Blue cloth.

Includes following articles:

- Fedorov, Michael. New data on the monetary circulation of medieval Uzgend : coins from the Kashka-Terek Hillfort.
- Guiraud, Helene. Engraved gems in the collection of the American Numismatic Society. 3, Male deities and heroes / Helene Guiraud and James H. Schwartz.
- Stolyarik, Elena. Acquisitions for 2000 and 2001 in the American Numismatic Society collection : Roman, Roman provincial, and Byzantine / Elena Stolyarik and Sebastian Heath.
- Orosz, Joel J. Joseph J. Mickley 's diary for 1852 : an annotated transcription.
- Stolyarik, Elena. Scythians in the West Pontic area : new numismatic evidence.
- Sheedy, Kenneth A. Pella in Jordan, 1979-1990 : the coins [book review] / [reviewed by Oliver D. Hoover].
- Heath, Sebastian. A sixth-century tremissis from Psalmodi / Sebastian Heath and David Yoon.
- Kroll, John H. A small find of silver bullion from Egypt.
- Brzic, Aleksandar N. Yugoslav countermarks on Austro-Hungarian gold coins.
- Esty, Warren W. A die study of some silver coins of Sinkiang, China / Warren W. Esty and David Spencer Smith.

ANS American Journal of Numismatics Vol. 14 (2002) (AJN 14)

New York, The American Numismatic Society, 2002.  Blue cloth.

Includes following articles:

- Fuld, George. Early Washington medals.
- Daryaee, Touraj, 1967- History, epic, and numismatics : on the title of Yazdgerd I (ramsahr).
- Hoge, Robert W. (Robert Wilson) Numismatic materials recovered from the Fort Vengeance monument site (VT-RU-216), Pittsford, Vermont.
- Brzic, Aleksandar N. and Roswitha Denk. Some modern Serbian, Montenegrin, and Yugoslav rarities in the coin cabinet of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.
- Van Alfen, Peter. Two unpublished hoards and other owls from Egypt
- Huth, Martin and Oliver D. Hoover. Two Seleucid notes.
- Van Alfen, Peter. Acquisitions for 2002 in the American Numismatic Society collection: Greek.
- Heath, Sebastian. Acquisitions for 2002 in the American Numismatic Society collection: Roman provincial.
- Stolyarik, Elena. Acquisitions for 2002 in the American Numismatic Society collection: Roman and Byzantine.
- Bates, Michael L. Acquisitions for 2002 in the American Numismatic Society collection: Islamic, South Asian, and East Asian.
- Hoge, Robert W. (Robert Wilson) Acquisitions for 2002 in the American Numismatic Society collection : Medieval, medals, modern, Latin American and United States.
- Van Alfen, Peter. The "owls" from the 1989 Syria hoard, with a review of pre-Macedonian coinage in Egypt.
- Zournatzi, Antigoni. The Apadana coin hoards, Darius I, and the West.
- Holt, Walter C. Evidence of the coinage of Poemenius ' revolt at Trier.
- Sears, Stuart D. Before Caliphal coins : transitional drahms of the Umayyad North.
- Orosz, Joel J. and Carl R. Herkowitz.  George Washington and America 's "small beginning" in coinage : the fabled 1792 half dismes.
- Naiden, F. S. Supplication on Roman coins / F. S. Naiden.
- Hoover, Oliver D. The Seleucid coinage of John Hyrcanus I : the transformation of a dynastic symbol in Hellenistic Judaea.
- Bijovsky, Gabriela. The myth of Daphne on a coin minted at Damascus.

ANS American Journal of Numismatics Vol. 16-17 (2005) (AJN 16-17)

American Numismatic Society, New York, 2005. 303 pages + 48 plates. Blue cloth, gilt, NEW. Published at US $60.00.

Includes following articles:

- Witschonke, Richard B. Another Fimbria cistophorus. 
- Miller, Scott H. The ANS Lincoln Memorial medal : a reexamination. 
- Yoon, David. Counting tokens from the excavations at Psalmodi (Gard, France). 
- Hanne, Eric J. Death on the Tigris : a numismatic analysis of the decline of the Great Saljuqs. 
- Atallah, Pierre. Elemental compositions of some of the Annamese coins of Emperor Thanh Thai via energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence : a reexamination.
- Van Alfen, Peter G. Herodotus ' "Aryandic" silver and bullion use in Persian-period Egypt.
- Van Alfen, Peter G. A new Athenian "Owl" and bullion hoard from the Near East.
- Fedorov, Michael. New data on monetary circulation in medieval Andukan and Shelji : coins from the Andizhanskoe and Kirovskoe vodokhranilishche. 
- Kremydi-Sicilianou, Sophia. Multiple hoards of the second century AD from the sanctuary of Zeus Olympios at Dion (Macedonia).
- Hoover, Oliver D. A note on the typology of the St. Patrick coinage in its Restoration context.
- Bubelis, William S. An overstruck stater of the Cypriot kingdom of Salamis.
- Rosenmüller, Christoph. Silver merchants and assayers ' marks: the Visita of 1729-1730 and the reform of the Mexican mint.
- Stolyarik, Elena. Silver coinage of the Bosporan King Spartocus: the problem of attribution.
- Janick, Jules and Judith B. Santini Street money: distribution and analysis.
- Visona, Paolo. Twenty-two Alexanders in Ann Arbor.

ANS American Journal of Numismatics 18 (2006) (AJN 18)

American Numismatic Society, New York, 2006. 202 pages + 50 plates.Blue cloth, gilt, NEW. Published at US $60.00.

Includes following articles:

- Haim Gitler and Catharine Lorber: A New Chronology for the Ptolemaic Coins of Judah
- Oliver D. Hoover: A Second Look at the Aradian Bronze Coinage Attributed to Seleucus I
- James H. Schwartz: Engraved Gems in the Collection of the American Numismatic Society IV: Ancient Magical Amulets, an Addendum
- Sebastian Heat:  A Box Mirror Made from Two Antinous Medallions of Smyrna
- Kenneth W. Harl: A Hoard of Roman Antoniniani from the Bath at Metropolis, Ionia
- Yury Pyatnitsky: New Evidence for Byzantine Activity in the Caucasus During the Reign of the Emperor Anastasius I
- Michael Federov: First Reported Find af an Early Medieval Khwarezmian Drachm in the Kyrgyz Republic
- Stuart D. Sears and Hodge Mehdi Malek: Claiming Absolute Authority: The Drachms of 'Abd Allah b. 'Amir al-Mujashi 'i of Sijistan
- Richard G. Doty: Lesons from Abundance: The Case of Mexico

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