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Volteia gens, uncertain family only known from coins:

1. Obv: Laureate head of Jupiter right. Rev: M VOLTEI M F, tetrastyle temple with three doors; fulmen on the pediment; silver

2. Obv: Head of young Herculies right, covered with the lion's skin. Rev: M VOLTEI M F, boar running to right; silver

3. Head of young Bacchus right, crowned with ivy. Rev: M VOLTEI M F, Ceres in a car to right, drawn by two serpents, and holding a torch in each had; various symbols in the field; silver

4. Obv: Laureate head of Apollo right. Rev: M VOLTEI M F, tripod around which a sepent is entwined; S C in field to left, D T to right; silver

5. Young head right, helmeted, without crest and ornamented with laurel; symbols behind. Rev: M VOLTEI M F, Cybele with turreted crown, ina car drawn by lions to right, and holding a patera; various Greek numerals in the field; silver

(Cohen, Med. Cons., pl |xlii|.; Volteia, Numbers 1, 4, 3, 5, 2)

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