Burnett, A., M. Amandry and P.P. Ripollès. Roman Provincial Coinage I: From the death of Caesar to the death of Vitellius (44 BC-AD 69). (London, 1992 and supplements).

This book embodies a new conception of Roman coinage. It presents, for the first time, an authoritative account of the coins minted in the provinces of the empire and shows how they can be regarded as an integral part of the coinage minted under the Roman emperors. This first volume covers the hundred years from the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC to the death of Vitellius in AD 69; it examines the coinage of more than 400 cities from all round the Empire. For each city there is a discussion of attribution, dating, denominations, typology and interpretation, followed by a listing of the issues. The catalogue is based on the principal collections and includes over 100,000 coins classified into over 5000 major types. The fruit of many years of international collaboration by leading scholars, this book will be an essential reference and a mine of information for numismatists, historians and archaeologists for many years to come.

Andrew Burnett is Deputy Director of the British Museum. Michel Amandry is Directeur, Cabinet des Médailles, Bibliotheque Nationale de France. Pere Pau Ripollès is Professor Titular, Departament de Prehistoria I Arqueologia, Universitat de València.