Price, M. The Coinage of in the Name of Alexander the Great and Philip Arrhidaeus. (London, 1991).

A British Museum Catalogue.  Two volumes.  Zurich and London:  The Swiss Numismatic Society in association with the British Museum Press, 1991.  637 pages, 159 plates.  Describes about 4100 varieties of coins struck in the name of Alexander the Great (lifetime and posthumous issues), his half-brother and successor, Philip Arrhidaeus, and those of Lysimachus of the Alexander types.  The introductory text discusses designs, titles, portraiture, symbols and monograms, denominations, weights, hoard evidence, circulation patterns, countermarks, counterfeits, and chronology.  The catalogue of coin varieties is arranged by mints.  References are given to similar specimens in other collections and hoards.  the list of varieties is supplemented by more specific listings of coins the British Museum collection for which weights, die alignment, and provenances are given.  The plates illustrate coins in the British Museum's collection.  Includes tables of concordance to Muller and von Prokesch-Osten, and indices of hoards and issue marks (symbols, Greek and Aramaic letters, monograms).  Also includes brief listings of barbarous issues and modern forgeries.  This is the most comprehensive study of the Alexander coinage ever published and is the standard reference for the series.--from Ancient Greek Numismatics, A Guide to Reading and Research by William E. Daehn

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For additions and corrections see:  Hersh, C. "Additions and Corrections to Martin J. Price's 'The Coinage in the name of Alexander the Great and Philip Arrhidaeus'" in Studies Price.

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