Jugate busts or heads

Two busts or heads facing the same direction with one nearer and one further, so visibly one is atop the other.  Commonly used on Nabatean coins with the king before the queen on the obverse.  Coins of Sidon, Phoenicia depict Tyche before Zeus.  In Roman times the Dioscuri are often depicted with jugate busts. 

Nabataean Kingdom, Malichus II, 40 - 70 A.D.

Bronze AE 20, BMC 4-5, S 5703, choice gVF, Petra mint, 3.83g, 20.2mm, 0o, obverse jugate laureate and draped bust of Malichus II and Shaquilath II right; reverse two cornucopias crossed and filleted, Aramaic legend, "Malichus, Shaquilath" in two lines above and one below, border of dots