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COMITIUM.- This place of public assembly to which reference has already been made under the head of CLOACIN (see p. 219), was situated in the forum, beginning, according to Martianus, from the gate of the palace, and finishing at the spot now occupied by the church of S. Maria Nova. Though surrounded by a wall, the comitium was without a roof in the early days of Rome. It was covered in during that year so memorable in Roman annals, when Hannibal entered Italy; and it was afterwards ornamented with pictures and statues.

On a denarius of the Silia gens, two figures are seen ascending by steps to the bridge, or platform of the comitium, to cast their votes into baskets, having taken their tickets for that purpose from the diribitores, or scrutineers, below.

The comitium is likewise seen on coins of Hostilia, Licinia and Mussidia families.

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