Latin: Virtus Probi Augusti - The valor of Emperor Probus.


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VIRTVS PROBI AVG (Augusti), The virtue of the emperor Probus.

VIRTVS PROBI AVG (Augusti) Probus standing holding spear and parazonium, and placing foot on back of captive; behind, a captive kneeling.  Obv. IMP. C. M. AVR. PROBVS AVG. Bust of Probus to right, laureated.  AV (15 francs) [See VIRTVS.]

VIRTVS PROBI AVG (Augusti) Probus galloping to right or to left, hurling spear at an enemy on the ground; another enemy under the horse; an armed soldier precedes the Emperor.  Obv. IMP. C. M. AVR. PROBVS P. F. AVG.  Bust of Probus, helmeted to left, with the cuirass, holding sword and shield.  AE. Medallion (150 francs)  A somewhat similar coin in gold is give by Caylus (200 francs), and there are varieties of antoninianii  (5 francs) [See VIRTVS.]

VIRTVS PROBI AVG (Augusti) Mars, helmeted, naked, walking to right, holding spear and trophy--sometimes captives to left and right--on AE Medallions (150 francs) and antoninianii of Probus (c. to 1 franc) 

VIRTVS PROBI AVG (Augusti) Trophy between two captives seated on the ground--on antoninianii of Probus (2 francs) [See VIRTVS]

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