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- (In exergue) Victory seated right holding a patera and |palm|; sometimes under the seat the letters ST. Obv: M CATO ROMA, diademed female head right; silver. These coins are considered to have been struck by the father of Cato of Utica in 95 BC.
- - On the quinarius there is a young head crowned with laureal, and no letters ST on the reverse.
- - The denarius is found with the countermark IMP VES and was restored by Trajan.
- - Similar types occur on the denarii and quinarii with the legend M CATO PRO PR struck by Cato of Utica in 49 BC.

- IVNO VICTRIX on billon coins of Salonina
- LEG XX VAL VICTRIX P F on gold coins of Victorinus.
- MINER VICTRIX on gold and silver coins of Caracalla and Geta
- MINERVA VICTRIX on silver coin (hybrid) of Orbiana, and on gold coins of Uranius Antoninus
- ROMA VICTRIX on gold and silver coins of Galba, and on bronze coins of Vespasian and Titus

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