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VENERI GENETRICI S.C.  Same type. Obv. SABINA AVGVSTA HADRIANI AVG. P.P. Bust of Sabina to r. or to l. diademed.  AE I (8 frcs)  Second brass coins exist with the obverse legend SABINA AVGVSTA (4 frcs)

VENERI GENETRICI S.C.  Venus standing to l., raising the r. hand and holding a shield.  Obv. M. AVREL ANTONINVS AVG. P.M. Head of Marcus Aurelius to r. AE I (12 frcs)

VENERI GENETRICI S.C.  Same type. Obv. FAVSTINAE AVG. PII AVG. FIL.  Bust of Faustina to r., sometimes with diadem.  AE I. (c) AE II (c).

VENERI GENETRICI S.C.  the tyep of Venus Genetrix, as M. Cohen remarks (Med. Imp., 1st ed., vol. ii., page 602, note 3), holding an infant in swaddleing clothes, occurs also on that of Juno Lucina, as may be seen on the coins of Lucilla and Julia Mamaea.  On the coins of this latter the legend instead of being IVNONI LVCINAE is IVNO AVGVSTAE.

VENERI GENETRICI S.C.  Venus standing to l., holding a Victory, and leaning on a shield placed on a helmet (?)  Obv. FAVSTINA AVGVSTA.  Bust of Faustina II.  to r. AE I. (c)

VENERI GENETRICI S.C.   Venus standing holding Victory (?) and leaning on a shield.  Obv. LVCILLAE AVG. ANTONINI F. Bust of Lucilla to r., AE I (Brit Mus., 10 frcs)

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