Triton, a sea god, son of Neptune and Salacia, a marine nymph. 

Triton, an annual numismatic auction by the Classical Numismatic Group (CNG) held at the New York International Numismatic Convention each January in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NYC.

Dictionary of Roman Coins

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Triton, a sea god, (son of Neptune and of Salacia, a marine nymph), whom the poets feigned to be the trumpeter (tubicen) of Neptune, (Vaillant, Col.). The effigy of a Triton, a human form above, a fish below the waist, frequently appears on ancient coins, both Roman and Greek, where it serves occasionally as a symbol of the sea. He is seen under a quadriga drawn by Jupiter, on a coin of the Cornelia family. The same figure on one side of Venus, whilst Cupid stands on the other, occurs on a brass medallion of Faustina jun. A Triton, with a Nereid, is drawing the car of Venus, on a colonial medal of Corinth. On a medal of Maximinus and Maximus, two Tritons support a plateau on which Neptune sits.

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