Treveri - a numerous and important tribe of people in Gallic Belgica. The Romans gave the name of Augusta to their chief city, which still reveals its antiquity under its modern name of Treves, situated on the Moselle, or Mosella, a tributary of the Rhine.

It was one of six cities in Gaul to which the privilege of coining money was granted, during the lower empire. The appellation of the Treveri abbreviated, is of very frequent occurrence as a monetal subsignation such as TR, P. Treveris percussa, or Treverensis Pecunia. (Money struck at Treves.) TR. OBS. Treveris Obsignata, or Treveris Officina Secunda Signata. (Money struck at Treves; or, money struck at Treves in the second office of the mint of that city.)

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