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SALVS REIP. A stone bridge of three arches, on which a Victory is marching with a trophy on her shoulder, followed by the Emperor, armed with cuirass, javelin, and buckler; at the feet of Victory is a suppliant captive and below the bridge the figure of a river god.. Pellerin in his Melange (i. p. 215) gives this with the word DANVBIVS, as the reverse of a bronze medallion of Constantine the Great.

SALVS REIP.  A stone bridge of three arches, on which a soldier with his spear either pursues a woman or is following her, who points the way; near her are two supplicants on bended knees.  On one side is the god of the river sitting with his urn, whence water is flowing.  On the other side is a tower; at the bottom the word DANVBIVS.  This is described by Eckhel, from the Imperial collection at Vienna as a brass medallion of Constantius M., and as having two ships with rowers in the river itself.  See DANVVIVS.

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