Latin: To everlasing Rome.


ROMAE AETERNAE coin of Constantine the Great with the secret name of Rome. -

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ROMAE AETERNAE - From the earliest age it was the presentiment of the Romans that their city would be Eternal; and to such a pitch of madness did their opinion of theirs proceed, that they paid divine honours to Rome, erected temples and altars to her honour, and instituted priests to perform sacrifices to this deity of their own creation.

ROMAE AETERNAE - This legend, struck in each metal, with various types (but chiefly that of Roma Victrix seated, a shield by her side, a spear in her left hand, and a figure of Victory in her right), appears on coins of Antoninus Pius, Pescennius Niger, Gordian I, Gordian II, Severus Alexander (first brass), Philip I, Trebonianus Gallus, Hostilian, and others. A silver medal of Septimius Severus bears on its reverse ROMAE AETERNAE, with a temple of six columns, adorned with many statues, in the midst of which Rome is seated.

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