Latin abbrevistion: Restitutor saeculi - Restorer of the age (century).


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RESTITVTOR SEC or RESTITVTOR SAEC - Probus standing holding a globe and the hasta; a Victory behind him with palm, holding a crown above the head of Probus; third brass.

There is another and rarer third brass coin of Probus, on which the legend RESTITVTOR SECV in Ackerman's Catalogue, and of which the type is Probus standing, holding globe and spear, his right foot on a captive; the Sun standing; XXIQ in exergue.

Appearing, as this legend does, on coins of Probus, it serves as an instance to show that numismatic eulogies are sometimes based on truth and justice. This illustrious ruler of the Roman empire was indeed, by his wisdom, energy, and valour, the instrument of its restoration to peace and security, during the period in which he only too briefly flourished.

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