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OLYBRIVS (Anicius), decended from the ancient family of the Anicii, who held a high senatorial rank, married (A. D. 462) Placidia, daughter of Valentinian III. and of Eudoxia.

The Emperor Leo nominated him Consul 464, and send him against Ricimer, who proclaimed himself Augustus in 472, in the place of the Emperor Anthemius, whom Ricimer caused to be assassinated. Olybrius is described as a man of distinguished merit, estimable for his morals, piety, and patriotism. A good general, but an ambitious subject he had not the time allowed him to perform any memorable action, as he terminated his days in the year of his accession, possesing the empire only three months from the death of his predecessor.  His daughter Juliana married, during the reign of Anastatius, the patrician Areobindus.  His style is D. N. ANICIVS OLYBRIVS AVG. - D. N. ANIC. (or ANICIVS.) OLYBRIVS, P. F. AVG..  His coins both in gold and silver are very rare. - Tanini gives a piece of lead with a reverse similar to that on the aureus representated above; but the obverse bears full-faced heads of Olybrinus and Placidia.

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