Latin abbreviation: Oriens Augustorum - the rising Sun of the two Emperors.


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ORIENS AVGG. - Sol standing, naked, except a cloak thrown back from his shoulders, lifts up the right hand, and holds a whip or scourge in his left.  On third brass of Valerian.

On a quinarius of Valerian the elder, exhibiting this epigraph and type, the Editor of the Roman edition of Vaillant makes the following historical remarks:- "When the empire of Rome was on all sides assailed by barbarian arms, Valerianus declared his son Gallienus Emperor, and leaving him to the defence of Gaul and Germany, he himself, having assembled together the legions from the neighbouring provinces, resolved to march and give battle in the East to the Scythians who were peopling Asia, and to the Persians who had already taken possession of Mesopotamia and of Syria.  For this reason Oriens Augustorum - (the rising Sun of the Emperors) - was struck on their coins;" already anticipating - alas! how fallaciously - the Victories of Valerian.

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