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NIGRINIANVS. - This name accompanied by a youthful radiated head, appears on certain gold coins of the greatest degree of rarity, and on third brass also of great rarity - coupled with the appellation of DIVVS.; and on the reverse is CONSECRATIO.  The type of the gold is a funeral pile with a biga placed on the summit.  The type of the third brass, (which are sometimes found washed with gold or with silver) is an eagle having its wings expanded.  The annexed portrait is from a brass coin in the British Museum.

History makes no mention of this Nigrinian, who is known only by the coins above alluded to. - Tristan supposes him to have been the son of the tyrant Alexander, who reigned in Africa during the time of Maxentius. - Beauvais and other subsequent writers, on the other hand, furnish more conclusive reasons for giving Carinus for his father and with much probability Arria Nigrina for his mother. - It would further appear that this prince died in his early youth, and that Carinus, after the example of Domitian, ambitiously gave Nigrinian the honours of the apotheosis. - Both Eckhel and Mionnet quote the gold coin from the museum of Saxe Gotha.

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