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NAT. Natalis. Relating to birth.--ANN. DCCCLXXIII. NAT. VRB. CIRC. CON.  Anno 874. Natalis Urbis Circenses Constituit, on a coin of Hadrian, allusive to certain games of the circus, or combats, instituted on the anniversary day of the foundation of Rome, noticed in pp. 202 and 203 of the Dictionary.

NAT Nato. See CONSTANTINO P AVG B R P AT. Bono Rei Publicae Nato.

NAT.  The abbreviated name on a denarius issued 157 - 155 B.C. (SRCV I 77, Crawford 200/1, Sydenham 382, RSC I Pinaria 2) The moneyer was probably a relative of Pinarius Natta who issued a denarius in 149 B.C.

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