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MONETAE - the three standing with their accustomed attributes, sometimes with and other times without the mass of metal at the feet of
each female, make their first appearance on a brass medallion of Commodus.

Under the reign of Septimius Severus they begin frequently to display themselves; and they are also found on coins of the following princes: Elagabalus, Alexander, Maximinus, Gordianus III, the Philips, Trajan Decius, Herennius, Terbonianus Gallus, Claudius Gothicus,Tetricus, Tacitus, Florianus, Probus, Carus, Carinus Numerianus, Diocletianus, Val. Maximianus,
Constantius Chlorus, Gal. Maximianus, Maxentius, Maximinus Daza, Constantine and Family, Jovian, Valentinian, and down to Valens.

The illustration given above is from a brass Medallion of Diocletian.

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