Lituus Augurum

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Lituus Augurum, the augural staff, like a Bishop 's crosier, but shorter, which the augur held in his hand, whilst describing and measuring the different regions of the sky, is found on a denarius of the Licinia family, bearing the portrait of Numa Pompilius: and also is seen behind the head of King Ancus, on a denarius of the Marcia family, inscribed ANCVS. Ancus Martius being the king who restored from their neglected state the institutions of religion which Numa had formed.

The same augural instrument appears on coins of Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Lepidus, Augustus, Casius Lucius, and Caligula, frequently accompanied with other religious untensils, such as the praefericulum, secespita, etc.

The Lituus Auguralis, or pontifical symbol, also appears on coins of Vespasian, Nerva, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius, Commodus, Elagabalus, Gordian III, Maximus (|Caesar|), Philip II, Herennius Etruscus, Hostilian, Volusian, and other emperors. The lituus is likewise observed on medals of the Annia, Cassia, Cornelia, Domitia, and other Roman families.

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