Lindgren III

Lindgren, H.C. Lindgren III: Ancient Greek Bronze Coins from the Lindgren Collection. (Quarryville, 1993).

2 pages Preface
3 pages of abbreviations
3 pages of geography index
2 pages of rulers
6 pages of general index
102 pages of coin descriptions with corresponding plates (1681 coins plus about another 200 in the addendum)
3 pages of errata

The book is hardback and is well put together in A4 format.  Again the better format of  plates and descriptions on the opposite page is followed

Descriptions consist of;
Obverse description (and any letters)
Reverse description (and any letters)
General date
Relevant other references (usually two per coin)

The size of the coin was not included in the descriptions as in the case of volume two.  It is possible to determine it from the illustrations but this may not be entirely accurate but a mil. here or there probably won 't matter too much.

This book covers coins acquired by Mr. Lindgren since the first two volumes were published so it adds additional examples to the areas set by the previous two volumes, though it is more similar to the first volume in that most of the coins are from Asia Minor.

The photos in the plates are serviceable being of similar quality to the first volume. About 5% of photos are difficult to use due to the worn nature of the coin.