Latin abbreviation: Laetitia Augusti - Joy of the Emperor.


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LAETITIA AVG - On coins of Gallienus, in all three metals, this |legend| appears with type of a woman holding a garland and an anchor, struck by order of that voluptuous, heartless, and eccentric emperor, when his father Valerian I was actually groaning under the cruel and ignominious captivity of the Persians.

According to Pollio, "Gallienus, aware that Macrianus and his children had been slain, and that his father was still a prisoner to Sapor, in fancied security against consequences, abandoned himself to lewd pleasures, gave public games, and invited the people as in days of |victory| to festivity and rejoicing."

[Remark: Gallienus became emperor and therefore had a large celebration, and also ordered coins made to commemorate the event. His father was possibly captive at the time, or may have already been killed by the King of Persia, Sapor. Sapor is rumoured to have used the corpse of Gallienus ' father as a footstool. Apparently, Gallienus was not at all upset about his father 's fate.]

Sometimes the legend of Laetitia Augusti (Joy of the Emperor) has for its  accompanying type a galley at sea, with rowers propelling it, and the emperor standing at the helm: as on gold, silver, and brass coins of Postumus.

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