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GARCILIA, gens plebeia. - Count Borghesi treats this as a new family, and assigns to it the following types, supposed to have been struck about 670 (B. C. 84): -

1. Head of Apollo Vejovis, beneath it is the fulmen. - Rev. - GAR. OGVL. VER. Jupiter in a quadriga. A very rare denarius.

2. Head of Janus, above it I. - Rev. - GAR. OGVLnius VERgilius or Verginius. A ship 's prow. Semi-uncial brass. Rare.

The eminent Italian antiquary above named gives his reasons for attributing to one Garcilius the name of the first monetal triumvir, concealed in the monogram GAR. of these two coins, and rejects the reading CAR. under which Perizoni, and other numusmatists, have ascribed it to the Carvilii (see p. 187 of this dictionary).

Riccio cites and adopts this transferred attribution, which accounts for the exclusion of CARVILIA gens from his Monete delle Famiglie, &c.

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